2015 NFL Draft Review

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Alas, the draft is over.  It was a fun draft, lots of drama to build up.  Here are some of my thoughts on the draft this past season:

Mac’s 2015 NFL Draft Review

  • Great job Chicago, I thought they did a great job.  It was fun hearing bears fans instead of Jets fans.  I saw on TV all the fun combine items outside.  I wanted to so go try them all!  Looked like an awesome fan experience.  One analyst said it felt like a super bowl!   Awesome in my book.
  • Drama! Thanks for letting drama happen!  A few seasons ago, ESPN would guess the picks before the commissioner would walk up there.  It was annoying, they’d tell us the pick, then the commissioner would say it.  There was none of that… each pick had that moment of holding your breath.
  • Lack of Trades.  I was shocked to see so few trades in this years draft.  I think it spoke more to the type of draft it was.  Either way, it was amazing to watch almost half the first round go by without a trade.
  • Running Backs! The NFL is circular, offense becomes one way, defense catches up, offense changes, defense catches up.  Defenses change from 4-3 to 3-4 every year it seams.  Wild cat?  Now it’s a passing spread league.  But the two teams we saw in the super bowl ran the ball.  That’s the biggest reason you saw two backs go in round 1.
  • No QB in round 2, Continuing that point, you didn’t see a passer go off the board in the entire second round.  Not that I think any of them should have, it’s just surprising since QB’s usually get picked for need.

Some Team Thoughts:

  • Patriots: I can’t believe they got Brown at the end of the first, but their next two picks were poor value.  I know Belch wasn’t to happy with them!
  • Broncos: With the Ray pick, I think Elway has a longer term vision than I thought.  It’s not about winning a ring for Peyton any more, it’s about Kubiak and the team for the next 10 years.
  • Cowboys: This was considered a very very rich RB draft, and they boys didn’t get one.  Very strange.
  • Colts: Why Dorsett?  Don’t you already have a fast wide out in Hilton?  Why not some protection for Luck?  Or some run defense?  I don’t even like the value of Dorsett.
  • Bengals: This is a draft I don’t get, I think the Bengals need pass rush.  with some serious upgrade on the pass rush they may just be in the super bowl.  Instead they take tackle, tackle, tackle, tackle, tac tac tac….   I like the players, and the value… but Ray was on the board, so was Brown.  then Fisher in round 2.
  • Vikings: Love the pick of Waynes, with Xavior Rhodes… in a division with Rodgers and Megatron…. not to mention the Bears took White in the first.
  • Chargers: Finally got Rivers some help!  I love Gordon, and love the pick.. I would have liked to seen more offensive beef, but this offense could be fun to watch again.
  • Dolphins: Go Dolphins!  Parker, Stills, Landry, are 3 young wideouts who can stretch the felid, make tough catches.   then add Cameron Jordon.  I love it.

20 Questions Answers

I know all of you took part in our 20 questions for the 2015 NFL Draft

Here are the results and the winner!

1. How many commercial breaks will be in the first round?
14 Commercial Breaks

2. Will there be more offensive or defensive players drafted in the first round?
17 offensive players

3. How many trades total will there be in the first round?

4. What team will draft Marcus Mariota? (QB – Oregon)
Tennessee Titans

5. At what pick will Mariota be drafted? (is there a trade?)
2nd overall

6. How many players will cry when drafted in the first round?

7. How many WRs will be drafted in the top 10?
2 – Cooper and White

8. How many WRs will be drafted in the first round?
6 – Cooper, White, Parker, Agholor, Perriman, Dorsett

9. What NCAA Conference will have the most players drafted in the first round?
ACC – 8

10. What team will be the first team to trade up?
San Diego for Melvin Gordon (RB – Wisconsin)

11. Who will be the last player selected in the first round?
Malcom Brown – DT

12. Who will be the 3rd QB drafted this season?
Garrett Grayson – CSU

13. What team will draft the 3rd QB?
New Orleans Saints – 3rd round (75th overall)

14. Who will be the 3rd RB drafted this season
T.J. Yeldon – Alabama

15. What team will draft the 3rd RB?
Jacksonville Jaguars – 2nd round (36 overall)

16. Who will be the 4th WR drafted this season?
Nelson Agholor – USC

17. What team will draft the 4th WR?
Philadelphia Eagles – 1st round (20 overall)

18. How Many Cornerbacks will be drafted in the 1st round?
4 – Waynes, Johnson, Peters, Jones

19. What team will Draft Todd Gurley? (RB – Georgia)
St. Louis Rams

20. At what pick will Gurley be drafted? (is there a trade?)
10th overall

*BONUS 2 Points* What current player will be traded during the NFL draft first? If Any?
G – Manny Ramirez from Denver to Detroit

Get your GearSo who won?

Well, we had some entries that were good, others not so good.

Final Tally:

  1. Doc – 9
  2. Mac – 7
  3. Brad N – 5
  4. Miller – 5
  5. J*Rod – 4
  6. Belch – 4
  7. John H – 3
  8. Sudsy – 2
  9. Whirly – 2
  10. JNov – 0

There you  have it!  Congrats to Doc on winning the T-shirt!  If you didn’t win, don’t worry… you can get one right here!

Thanks again, and I look forward to next years NFL draft!

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