Say it isn’t Suh

There is no debating his talent, Ndamukong Suh is a beast.  This is the player who made a great case for a Heisman at Nebraska.  The same player who won defensive rookie of the year in the NFL.  He’s on his way to a potential Pro bowl birth and who knows, maybe a Hall of fame induction.  He is already one of the best defensive linemen in the league, and still has room to develop into a true dominating force.

One of the reasons he’s so good is his unforgiving, brutal attitude and nature.  Bill Romanowski said it best when asked about his spitting incident on Monday night football.  “To be great in this league you have to play right up against that line.  Do I sometimes cross it?  Yes.  But if I don’t play up there I’m an average player and out of this league.”

The same could be said for Suh, he plays with so much passion and anger that makes him a dominate force.  It’s also the reason for his 4 fines and now his first suspension.  All have been for going a bit too far.

I’m not giving him an excuses, he should be fined and suspended.  He crossed the line, and needs to be punished.  The good news is that he’s very young, only 24.  What is he going to be like at 27?  Suh is already showing signs of maturing… from setting up a meeting with the Commissioner to better learn how to clean up his game, to also being proactive and calling the commissioner after this latest stomping.

None of that should reduce his punishment, but it does show a player who wants to grow and improve.  I for one am still a Suh fan, I expect him to continue to dominate the NFL and slowly learn how to keep himself from crossing that line…. Although I doubt he’ll ever be able completely.

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7 years ago
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