5 Greatest Teams not to make the Super Bowl

  • By Miller

MillerI must say that Golden and Belch have inspired me with their continuous top 5 of varying things; as a result, I thought I’d join the fun and look at the top five teams in NFL history that did not make it to the Super Bowl, but probably should have made it, if not won it.

5: 1969 Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys began their road to the 1971 Super Bowl championship during the 1969 campaign. They looked as good as the Vikings, if not better, but choked against the Cleveland Browns. The following season the Cowboys made it to the Super Bowl and lost, but finally the 1971 team won Landry and Texas their first championship.

4: 1986 Chicago Bears

They were so close to repeating. They had a great season and were the favorites going into the playoffs. However, the Washington Redskins, who were eventual Super Bowl champs, stole the repeat from Ditka’s Hall of Fame team, featuring the late great Walter Payton.

3: 1992 San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers and the Cowboys were easily the two best teams in football in the early and mid-90s. The NFC Championship game was essentially the Super Bowl several years in a row. Montana and Rice weren’t quite enough to beat the triplets, who went on to route the Bills in a cake-walk Super Bowl.

2: 1994 Dallas Cowboys

See above, except this time the triplets weren’t enough to stop Young and Rice, who went on to route the Chargers in a cake-walk Super Bowl. That sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it?!?! I do miss the 49ers and Cowboys rivalry.

1: 1998 Minnesota Vikings

Randall Cunningham throwing to Randy Moss and Cris Carter! John Randle was a machine on defense. This team was so much fun to watch and I remember how excited I was to watch the Broncos and Vikings in a Super Bowl shootout! If only that could have happened…instead it was a boring game that was hardly worth watching. I blame the Anderso(e)n duo for ruining the NFLs 1998 dream Super Bowl.

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