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1 Game away from the Path to the Draft! No Trades in this Mock…. sorry


1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck – QB – Stanford
Where does Manning play next year?

2. St. Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon – WR – Oklahoma State
Playmakers in round 1.

3. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil – OT – USC
I just can’t pass on him twice.

4. Cleveland Browns: Robert Griffin III – QB – Baylor
Some Picks are so easy….

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Morris Claiborne – CB – LSU
…. Like this one!

6. Washington Redskins: Jonathan Martin – OT – Stanford
Eh, don’t love it, but line is always good.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: Quinton Coples – DE – North Carolina
Pass rush

8. Carolina Panthers: Michael Brockers – DT – LSU
Fills a nice need.

9. Miami Dolphins: Trent Richardson – RB – Alabama
BPA – Bush and Thomas were hurt.

10. Buffalo Bills: Courtney Upshaw – DE/OLB – Alabama
Pass rush again

11. Kansas City Chiefs: Riley Reiff – OT – Iowa
KC gets Reiff, like all my drafts

12. Seattle Seahawks: Whitney Mercilus – DE – Illinois
Can’t see them reaching for a QB yet

13. Arizona Cardinals: Luke Kuechly – ILB – Boston College
Could go alot of ways, went for big D upgrade

14. Dallas Cowboys: Dre Kirkpatrick – CB – Alabama
Just seams to fit so well.

15. Philadelphia Eagles: Zach Brown – LB – North Carolina
A bit high, I know…. but he can play

16. New York Jets: Melvin Ingram – DE – South Carolina
Pass rush again, again

17. Cincinnati Bengals from Oak: Alshon Jeffery – WR – South Carolina
And Dalton goes crazy!

18. San Diego Chargers: Michael Floyd – WR – Notre Dame
And Rivers goes crazy!

19. Chicago Bears: David DeCastro – G – Stanford
Keep Cutler healthy!

20. Tennessee Titans: Cordy Glenn – G – Georgia
Titans wanted DeCastro, settle for Glenn

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Janoris Jenkins – CB – North Alabama
Went WR first, and still got their man at 21

22. Cleveland Browns from Atl: Kendall Wright – WR – Baylor
Baylor connection back together in Cleveland!

23. Detroit Lions: Peter Konz – C – Wisconsin
Monster center to open running lanes

24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Adams – OT – Ohio State
Reach…. maybe, but they have to keep Big Ben healthy

25. Denver Broncos: Alfonzo Dennard – CB – Nebraska
BPA and fills a need, nice value

26. Houston Texans: Devon Still – DT – Penn State
Fills the middle

27. New England Patriots from NO: Nick Perry – DE/OLB – USC
They can’t keep ignoring their pass rush, can they?

28. Green Bay Packers: Lamar Miller – RB – Miami
Perry just went, so they fix the revolving door at RB

29. Baltimore Ravens: Vontaze Burfict – ILB – Arizona State
Ray Lewis is getting old

30. San Francisco 49ers: Chase Minnifield – CB – Virginia
Good Value, and fills a need.

31. New York Giants: Dont’a Hightower – ILB – Alabama
Tackling fuel….

32. New England Patriots: Mark Barron – SS – Alabama
Cover someone!

Continue on to Round 2….

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  • Miguel M

    I remember in recent history, there was a game where the Cleveland Browns fan were so unruly, the NFL officials actually stopped the game, cleared the stadium out, and finished out the last few moments of the game without anyone in the stands. Does anyone remember the particulars of this game?

  • Le Pwner

    She never lived in Cleveland,
    she was born and raised in California.

    what ties does she have to Cleveland?

    She says “my Cleveland Browns” will win the Superbowl next year.

  • Marshal

    Alabama is just an absolute powerhouse in College football, but The Cleveland Browns suck. Who do you think would win if they played and why.

  • Pacman

    As a cleveland browns fan it is nice to finally get to look forward to a year where the browns are at least in mention of playoffs at the start of the season….but will they live up to the hype

  • Kaylla

    I would like a Browns hoodie like the one in the commercial. It is a Christmas present for my fiance. It says Cleveland Browns on the sleeve. I’ve looked and cannot find it. Please help. Thank you.

  • sam N

    This occurred to me after LeBron left Cleveland, but I looked up Art Modell since people kept mentioning him saying how LeBron took his place. But what exaclty did Art Modell do? I looked on the internet and say that he moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore? How did fans feel about that? Did he take away a football team from Cleveland or did he just move them away from the city?

  • Squall Leonhart

    I have looked on a bunch of sites like and They have the fleece lined Crocs for other teams, but not the Cleveland Browns. The closest I’ve found is just the plain unlined Cleveland Browns Crocs. But these are not what I need. I need the lined ones. I did see them somewhere once but I can’t remember where. Can anyone help me please?

  • Sir fliesalot

    How would you react if the Detroit Lions of the NFC and the Cleveland Browns of the AFC (who both finished in last place in 2006) were to play each other in Super Bowl XLII and who would you see winning?

  • EzioAuditore1459

    Where can I find Cleveland Browns tickets?

  • Mc L

    During home games at Cleveland Browns Stadium, there is a song that the players enter the field with. Its a great pump up song, unfortunately it hasnt helped too much.

  • Xbox Gamer

    I’m going to Kenny Chesney this Saturday at Cleveland Browns stadium and we want to tailgate before we go in. I know some stadiums ban alcohol in their parking lots; is it legal to drink in Browns Stadium parking? Thanks for the answers!

  • whites are not the only racists

    After the additions of Donte Stallworth, Shaun Rogers, Corey Williams and Shantee Orr, do you think the Cleveland Browns will finally be a genuine threat to go deep into the Playoffs this year, or will they collapse like they seem to do every year?
    Steelers fans, please leave your egos at the door. I don’t want 27 answers about how awesome Pittsburgh is, I want to know if you consider the Browns a genuine threat this year.


    Do you think the Cleveland Browns Will be on Monday Night Football next year?

  • nyyankees1123

    As a Browns fan ive already lost faith 4 this season and Ive started 2 ask my self… y arnt the Browns playing like they were only 2 years ago? The 2007 Cleveland Browns had a real shot at making it 2 the play offs but here we r in 2009 and the playoffs look like a far off dream. Wth is goin on? And what do u think could fix the problem?

  • Praveen

    Cleveland Browns fans – if the NFL made it mandatory that the Browns had to have a logo on their helmets – what design would you choose? I’ve seen the “CB” logo & the old “elf w/football” logo. Would you choose either of these or suggest a new one?

  • jdfan

    Me I got the Detroit Lions winning 24-10. The Browns offense is just terrible and the Lions at least have something going on offense.

    I think the Lions get their 2nd win of the year.

    Who wins this game of bottom feeders this Sunday: Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions?

  • Jeff

    I am a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I am very close to finishing up. for my portfolio I would like to do a documentary on the greatest fans in the NFL the Cleveland browns fans. Does anyone know about licensing agreements, or if I could get away with out paying the NFL any kind of money. I do not plan to use any original footage from games at all. Just old fan footage, and footage I would get at Browns Backers Clubs, Tail gating, camp, and Interviews.

  • borabora5524

    I have the Cleveland Browns going 6-10 despite a tough schedule. Especially after choosing Former Baylor WR Josh Gordan! You may think otherwise, tell me why if you feel like it?

  • krow147

    What could possibly make the Steelers ($1.015 billion) worth less than the Cleveland Browns ($1.035 billion)?

  • Yoshi

    the owner of the cleveland browns suck at his job….he sucks at getting coaches he sucks at everything! i think if they got a owner that wants to win that will do a good job with the front office then the browns could do something…they just need someone smart to own them.

  • Terrence

    I want a Superbowl win for the Cleveland Browns. Is this the man who can deliver it?

  • Random

    Can you rate the Cleveland Browns on a scale of 1-10.
    And what are their chances of making the playoffs in the 2013-2014 season on a scale of 1-100

  • unbleevable39

    The Cleveland Browns are home. Do you think the eagles will beat them by more than 10 tomorrow?

  • Anonymous

    I think you should give the Broncos Vontaze Burfict – A little Elvis and the Vons pass rush could be fun.

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