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So let’s break down my big board…. I’m going to sort them by position and then place a ‘projected round’ grade…. I’m not going to do kickers or punters, cause… well who cares.  Today lets go with the Corners!

Overall a strong corner class, Claiborne, Kirkpatrick and Jenkins could all be shutdown corners, and there is depth for the next 3 rounds of potential starting corners.


1. Morris Claiborne – CB – LSU (Top 10) – I don’t think he’s Peterson, but he’s still awesome.  He could still break the top 5, and has on many other boards!

2. Dre Kirkpatrick – CB – Alabama (Top 20) - He’s fallen on many boards, but he’s still an elite talent.  He’s a complete player.

3. Janoris Jenkins – CB – North Alabama (Top 20) - Maybe the most gifted corner in the draft, will he develop?

4. Alfonzo Dennard – CB – Nebraska (2nd Round) - Man he’s fallen fast, but he doesn’t have top end talent but is a gritty player.

5. Josh Robinson – CB – Central Florida (2nd Round) - It gets tricky here, as there are many corners who could take this spot, but after the combine Robinson gets the nod.

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  • rndmaktn

    Justin Blackmon
    Andrew Luck
    Morris Claiborne
    landry Jones
    Matt Barkley
    Kellen Moore

  • zigg3ns

    I want to make a Morris Claiborne college highlight reel for a school project (we have to make one for our favorite athletes). I have a Mac Book. And on iMovie it says drag the media. Do i have to download his highlights from a website and then drag them help?

  • Ryan Z

    CB Ron Brooks it LSU is a sleeper for sure. He wasnt a starter at LSU but that’s because he played behind Patrick Patterson, Morris Claiborne and the Honey Badger. He is playmaker and he ran the 2nd fastest time in the 40 yard dash at the combine
    I completely forgot about Page. I watched a few Toledo games last year and that dude is a beast!!!!!

  • ibjammin44

    In the last 2 or 3 drafts that I started following quite strongly, this class seems to be the weakest to me. In my opinion this class has no offensive talent at all, besides a little depth at offensive line. Matt Barkley hurt himself a ton this season, Geno Smith is no RGIII and looks like a bust to me. NO recognizable receivers or running backs, especially with Marquis Lattimore continuing to get injured and not decideing for the draft. At defense, this class is pretty good, but no especially talented CBs this year, not even out of LSU who have brought Patrick Peterson and Morris Claiborne in the last 2 years. At pass rushers, they are good but drafting d-line is the riskiest and this years dline is good but doesnt have the same flash as Nick Fairley (in college), Suh, Von Miller, Watt, and other DEs that have been drafted lately. So overall in my opinion, this draft class seems like the weakest in a long time, especially offensively.

  • Cliffy N

    It would help to say what Pick/Picks you have in the first round.

    On a Wishful Thinking side of Things i would LOVE To Trade up the two picks we have for Trent Richardson.

    However On a Serious Note I Wouldn’t trading down the 27th or 31st Pick and Draft Harrison Smith or Mark Barron with the pick we don’t trade

  • Denali

    no 1’s gonna be Luck. if the colts don’t take him they’ll trade the pick to some one who will. Im thinking Morris Claiborne or Justin Blackmon? But anything can change after combines and everything else up to draft day

  • mmminja

    Between Patrick Peterson and Morris Claiborne and give comparisons for both please

  • Zack Faria

    Morris Claiborne is my pick

  • mrankinmatt

    As a Cowboys fan, I am in SHOCK right now. I never saw this coming. I think he’ll be worth it, we can get some o-line players in later rounds.

  • Ryan Z

    Im watching the monday night game and one of the announcers mentioned the draft. One of them said that their not convinced with gabbert and if on draft day, they had RGIII available, it would be hard not to take him….

    Now I like Gabbert, but hes not producing. I still believe in him. But RGIII is the sh*t. I think he has a bright future. So are the announcers right? Would it be smart to take another qb?

    Hopefully gabbert will step it up before the end of the season!

  • Dana G

    Ok, so EVERYBODY hates Jerry Jones. Cowboys fans do. Non-cowboys fans do. That’s everybody lol. But if you look at this year and recent years, are Cowboys failures really his fault? Cowboys HAVE the personnel, better than 80-90% of the league as far as players. Breakout players drafted by Jones: Demarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Demarcus Ware, Tony Romo et al. And last year he moved up to pick the best cornerback/possibly best defensive player available in Morris Claiborne. Paid a bundle for free agent star cornerback Brandon Carr as well. There’s enough hate to go around but it seems to me the Cowboys lack of success rests with the coaches and players more than the owner/GM.

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again

    bq- who do you want your team to draft?

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