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I thought I’d do something different in this Mock… I’m adding some trades.  I’m going to push some trades, so not all are very realistic, but hey… if your going to mock 1 trade might as well mock 10!  Why not, it’s just for fun anyway!  I’m only doing 1 round, so lets get to it… to it… to it………. ‘here we go’


1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck – QB – Stanford

*TRADE! (The Browns move up 2 spots and gives up next years 1st, this years 2nd and next years 4th to the Rams)
2. Cleveland Browns: Robert Griffin III – QB – Baylor
QB of the future!

3. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil – OT – USC

*TRADE! (The Rams move back 2 spots and get  next years 1st, this years 2nd and next years 4th from the Browns)
4. St. Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon – WR – Oklahoma State
Bradford to Blackmon, TOUCHDOWN!

*TRADE! (The Seahawks move up 7 spots and give up next years 1st and this years 2nd to the Buccaneers)
5. Seattle Seahawks: Ryan Tannehill – QB – Texas A&M  
Jackson is no more!

6. Washington Redskins: Morris Claiborne – CB – LSU
Caught off guard, Washington gets the best defensive player in the draft

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: Michael Floyd – WR – Notre Dame
Thought I’d mix it up… lets give Gabbert a weapon now.

*TRADE! (The Bengals moves up 13 spots and gives up a 1st next year and a 3rd this year to the Dolphins)
8. Cincinnati Bengals: Trent Richardson – RB – Alabama
Bengals now can use playaction

9. Carolina Panthers: Dontari Poe – NT – Memphis
Just makes sence

*TRADE! (The Cardinals move up 3 spots and give up this years 3rd to the Bills)
10. Arizona Cardinals: Riley Reiff – OT – Iowa  
Finally they fix their oline!

11. Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Kuechly – ILB – Boston College
They settle for Kuechly….lol

*TRADE! (The Buccaneers move down 7 spots, and get next years 1st and this years 2nd from the Seahawks)
12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dre Kirkpatrick – CB – Alabama
Tampa still gets a much needed corner

*TRADE! (The Bills move down 3 spots and get a 3rd this year from the Cardinals)
13. Buffalo Bills: Jonathan Martin – OT – Stanford
Fills a need

*TRADE! (The Chargers move up 4 spots, and get this years 3rd from the Cowboys)
14. San Diego ChargersQuinton Coples – DE – North Carolina
San Diego goes after the most gifted pass rusher in the draft

15. Philadelphia Eagles:
Michael Brockers – DT – LSU

16. New York Jets:  Melvin Ingram – DE – South Carolina
Pass rushers starting to go.

17. Cincinnati Bengals from Oak: David DeCastro – G – Stanford 
DeCastro and Richardson!?  What just happened?

*TRADE! (The Cowboys move down 4 spots and get this years 3rd from the Chargers)
18. Dallas Cowboys: Janoris Jenkins – CB – North Alabama
Cowboys get their ex gator!

*TRADE! (The Packers move up 9 spots and give up this years 3rd and 5th to the Bears)
19. Green Bay Packers: Courtney Upshaw – DE/OLB – Alabama
Paired up with Clay for a pass rushing attack!

20. Tennessee Titans: Cordy Glenn – G – Georgia
Titans look to create some push on the Oline

*TRADE! (The Dolphins moves down 13 spots and gets a 1st next year and a 3rd this year from The Bengals)
21. Miami Dolphins: Nick Perry – DE/OLB – USC
Passrusher opposite Wake

22. Cleveland Browns from Atl: Whitney Mercilus – DE – Illinois
And the rush on passrushers is complete.

*TRADE! (The Lions trade this pick to the Rams for next years 1st and this years 3rd)
23. St. Louis Rams:
Mike Adams – OT – Ohio State
With 2 first next year the Rams move one to get Bradford some protection

24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kendall Wright – WR – Baylor
Mike Wallace is gone

*TRADE (The 49ers move up 5 spots and give up this years 3rd to the Broncos)
San Francisco 49ers: Alshon Jeffery – WR – South Carolina  
They want to upgrade their receiving core

26. Houston Texans: Mark Barron – SS – Alabama
Missed out on Jeffery, they fill a need.

27. New England Patriots from NO: Harrison Smith – SS – Notre Damn 
Defense defense defense

*TRADE! ( The Bears move down 9 spots and get this years 3rd and 5th from the Packers)
28. Chicago Bears: Stephen Hill – WR – Georgia Tech
Cuter gets a big target

29. Baltimore Ravens: Dont’a Hightower – ILB – Alabama
Young Linebackers, hip hip

*TRADE! (The Broncos move back 5 spots and get this years 3rd from the 49ers)
Denver Broncos: Fletcher Cox – DT – Mississippi State
Broncos still get their man

*TRADE! (Well Kind of – Restricted Free Agent Mike Wallace – WR goes to New England for their 1st)
31 Pittsburgh Steelers:
Devon Still – DT – Penn State
Youth on defense

32. New York Giants: Doug Martin – RB – Boise St.
Running back help

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  • nathan

    This includes all of the practice squad, the coaching staff, as well as the swastika wearing Cleveland Browns front office staff.

    I think Tommy would win, in fact, I would bet on it.

  • Ryan Z

    Will the cleveland browns bounce back this year?

  • Dana G

    What was the longest time it took the Cleveland Browns to defeat the Pittsburgh Stealers

  • Hayden

    I have looked on a bunch of sites like and They have the fleece lined Crocs for other teams, but not the Cleveland Browns. The closest I’ve found is just the plain unlined Cleveland Browns Crocs. But these are not what I need. I need the lined ones. I did see them somewhere once but I can’t remember where. Can anyone help me please?


    Let’s say a fan streaks onto a Cleveland Browns’ game wearing a LeBron James Heat jersey.

    During the middle of him running, he stops and does LeBron’s signature “powder toss.” What will happen to him?

  • sakyue1993

    As a Browns fan ive already lost faith 4 this season and Ive started 2 ask my self… y arnt the Browns playing like they were only 2 years ago? The 2007 Cleveland Browns had a real shot at making it 2 the play offs but here we r in 2009 and the playoffs look like a far off dream. Wth is goin on? And what do u think could fix the problem?

  • Cliffy N

    I am a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I am very close to finishing up. for my portfolio I would like to do a documentary on the greatest fans in the NFL the Cleveland browns fans. Does anyone know about licensing agreements, or if I could get away with out paying the NFL any kind of money. I do not plan to use any original footage from games at all. Just old fan footage, and footage I would get at Browns Backers Clubs, Tail gating, camp, and Interviews.

  • Kristian

    In the cartoon shown in USA, Cleveland Brown Jr told his family that he doesn’t believe in God.
    Is it a sin to watch that cartoon?

  • blarg blarg

    Can you rate the Cleveland Browns on a scale of 1-10.
    And what are their chances of making the playoffs in the 2013-2014 season on a scale of 1-100

  • Heath

    Alabama is just an absolute powerhouse in College football, but The Cleveland Browns suck. Who do you think would win if they played and why.


    The Cleveland Browns haven’t scored a touchdown in over 22 quarters.

    Is this a record?

  • Maggie

    It seems like Holmgren will have similar responsibilities to what Parcells’ responsibilities are in Miami, and Bill Parcells has quickly turned that team around, so I was wondering if you all think the quick turn-around Miami has seen with Bill Parcells motivated the Browns to see if Mike Holmgren could have similar success in turning around the Cleveland Browns.

  • Armas

    A. Win Super Bowl XLII in Arizona.
    B. Win tha AFC Championship.
    C. Become the AFC North Division Champions
    D. Become an AFC Wild Card Winner
    E. Improve from last season but not make the playoffs.
    F. Other

    I say that the Cleveland Browns will become the AFC North Division Champions and will make a run for Super Bowl XLII.

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