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I know what your thinking… isn’t it a little early to be doing a 2013 draft?  The answer is simple…. NEVER!  So with this new years mock, I figured I’d randomize the order.  This order is complete random, and with this order I will make some assumptions…. so lets get to it.


1. New York Jets: Matt Barkley – QB – USC
Well if the Jets are picking first, then obviously Sanchez and Tebow failed big time. Rex Ryan lost his locker room and now they have to start over.

2. Denver Broncos: Tyler Bray – QB – Tennessee
Obviously Peyton didn’t stay healthy here, and if that’s the case a late second round pick on Brock shouldn’t stop Elway from drafting a blue chip.

3. Cleveland Browns: Marquess Wilson – WR – Washington State
I don’t like the Weeden pick at 22, but they have to give him some weapons.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: Sam Montgomery – DE/OLB – LSU
Sophomore slump must have hit Cincy, an elite pass rusher would help

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Landry Jones – QB – Oklahoma
Picking 5, the Chiefs replace Cassel.

6. Tennessee Titans: Jonathon Hankins – NT – Ohio State
Rebuilding that young d-line

7. Atlanta Falcons: D.J. Fluker – OT – Alabama
Offensive line will have to be upgraded.

8. Green Bay Packers: Jarvis Jones – DE/OLB – Georgia
How the mighty have fallen

9. Oakland Raiders: Tyler Wilson – QB – Arkansas
Pick 9 means a new franchise QB

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Robert Woods – WR – USC
Offensive weapons, Wide outs in round 1 back to back years! Gabbert must be thrilled

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: David Amerson – CB – NC State
Corners are still a need

12. Detroit Lions: Manti Teo – ILB – Notre Dame
Leader of their Defense.

13. Dallas Cowboys: Barkevious Mingo – DE/OLB – LSU
Still a need, and picking 13 they need passrush.

14. New England Patriots: Kawann Short – DT – Purdue
Still rebuilding that Defense.

15. Indianapolis Colts: Jake Mathews – OT – Texas A&M
Protect Luck

16. Chicago Bears: Chris Faulk – OT – LSU
Protect Cutler

17. San Francisco 49ers: Tyrann Mathieu – CB – LSU
Brandon Flowers 2.0? Depth for San Fran

18. Miami Dolphins: Keenan Allen – WR – California
Offensive weapons in demand

19. Seattle Seahawks: Jelani Jenkins – OLB – Florida
More Linebacker help

20. New York Giants: Star Lotulelei – NT – Utah
Interior Defensive help

21. Houston Texans: Chris Faulk – OT – LSU
Right tackle Winston

22. St. Louis Rams: Xavier Rhodes – CB – Florida State
Their in need of DB help.

23. New Orleans Saints: C.J. Mosley – ILB – Alabama
Vilma is gone for a year….

24. Baltimore Ravens: Barrett Jones – G/C – Alabama
Birk is still old

25. San Diego Chargers: Demarcus Milliner – CB – Alabama
Jammer is old

26. Philadelphia Eagles: Ricky Wagner – OT – Wisconsin
Always a linemen

27. St. Louis Rams from Was: Tyler Eifert – TE – Notre Dame
Someone for Bradford to throw too

28. Minnesota Vikings: Johnathan Banks – CB – Mississippi State
Ponder and that offense must have taken a step forward

29. Buffalo Bills: T.J. McDonald – S – USC
Looks like Mario Williams created a dominate Buffalo defense

30. Carolina Panthers: Sharrif Floyd – DT – Florida
Just missed the superbowl!

31. Arizona Cardinals: Oday Aboushi – OT – Virginia
Superbowl rematch! Some line help

32. Pittsburgh Steelers: Marcus Lattimore – RB – South Carolina
Superbowl champs! – rebuilding that running game.

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  • kiltakblog

    I heard that New York Jets Offensive tackle Kris Jenkins hurt his calf and ended his season. How long is he gonna be out? And the team and coaches. About how long do they (the team and coaches) think he’ll be out?

  • Franklin Bluth

    As an English fan of American football, I wondered during the Superbowl whether New York Jets fans enjoyed the success of their fellow city team, or if they regard the Giants as their fierce rivals?

  • Lia-lu-li

    1. Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins, or Buffalo vs Miami ,or Bills vs Dolphins

    2. New England Patriots vs New York Jets,or New England vs New York,or Patriots vs Jets

    3. Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants,or Dallas vs New York, or Cowboys vs Giants

    4.Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns, or Cincinnati vs Cleveland, or Bengals vs Browns

    Which format do the Americans use to get live NFL news?

  • Taylor2k

    In the Sports Illustrated NFL Preview, Peter King predicted that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl (which is, of course wrong) but in the Point After section, Phil Taylor wrote that he went to a psychic named Madame Katherine to ask her who would win the Super Bowl. She predicted the New York Jets, not the Giants. Well the Giants are not in the playoffs and the Jets came back from large odds to reach the divisionial playoffs. So, do you think Phil Taylor and Madame Katherine was right?

  • Miguel M

    Is it me, or are the New York Jets having the most amazing offseason in recent history? So far they’ve picked up Ladainian Tomlinson (SD) Antonio Cromarte (SD) Santonio Holmes (Pitts) and now there’s rumors that they might pick up disgruntled Jason Taylor (MIA). Not to mention some of the other adjustments they’ve made! Are the JETS going to be the AFC team to beat in 2010?

  • Jenna

    Are the New York Jets the most suspect team in the NFL? I’d say so I predict a 6-10 finish and no playoffs. These guys are a gimmick can’t wait to see all the fans fall off the bandwagon.

  • Echo

    Also, will the 2009 New York Jets be as good as the 1969 Jets?
    Anybody know who they’re considering for a quarterback this year?

  • Shay H

    Who should I start? Aaron Rodgers vs Pitt DEF or Joe Flacco vs Chi Def?
    New Orleans DEF or New York JEts DEF?

    Please explain your reasoning and you get 10pts!

  • _marky_mark_

    Looking for an adult medium new York jets flight crew costume. I’ve tried looking, but can’t seem to find anything. Thanks <3

  • Xbox Gamer

    I mean we all know there gunna win it all
    They got Mark Sanchez the best QB in the NFL. He is gunna be a future HOF, and a soon to be SB mvp
    They also have Rex Ryan which no dought he is the best head coach in NFL history
    We also got the nicest and best fans in the whole WORLD!

    2011 Super Bowl Champions New York Jets!

  • Samuro

    I generally am not a big fan of the points competitions on Yahoo! Answers, I feel it demeans the great opportunity to spread information that this technology provides us. That being said, I’ll break the rule. 10 points to whoever can name the most players who have played for both the New England Patriots and the New York Jets so my roommate and I can settle a debate.

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran

    Who sung the national anthem before the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets Game? 11/22/07 I know it was a girl with brown hair but I never learned her name.

  • Tyler H

    I need to pick two running backs in week 12. I have Warrick Dunn against Detroit, Brian Westbrook against Baltimore, Chris johnson against New York Jets, Brandon Jacobs against Arizona. Jacobs and Westbrook both seem to be hurt. I have not started Jacobs the past two weeks and left a lot of points on the bench. Who would you start?

  • Caltel T

    Green Bay vs. Houston
    New York Jets @ San Fransico

  • Kevin

    I’m a New York Jets fan doing an article on him for Journalism and I need to know.

  • rndmaktn

    I’m buying tickets for a New York Jets game and want to sit where the Jets go on and off the field.

  • Zanto

    It seems like every time I go on ESPN i hear something about the New York Jets. They talk about them for like 30 minutes on who is going to be the “starting QB”. So what do you think about this?

  • forahobby

    I’m looking for a Jew York Jets Dustin Keller jersey, but the only ones I can find are replica, not authentic.
    I would just like to clarify, the replicas are being sold on the Jets and NFL store, cheaper on the NFL store.

  • Mac

    Nope… I’m a Dolphins fan.  You didn’t read the top of the article.

    ” I figured I’d randomize the order.  This order is complete random, and with this order I will make some assumptions”

    Random order… I think it’s more fun during the off season.

  • Rick

    Steelers winning Superbowl? Not even sure they make the playoffs. cincy at the fourth pick. Smart money says your wrong on both counts. Bet you have a Steelers flag on your car window.

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