American Pharaoh On to the Belmont…..Triple Crown


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American Pharaoh On to the Belmont…..Triple Crown? Could it Be???

Less than 48 hours ago the second leg of the Triple Crown ended in Baltimore at Pimlico Park.  The Preakness completed with American Pharaoh winning in convincing manner over the other 17 horses in the field.

It has been since 1978 that the world has been waiting to see a young 3 year old Thoroughbred winner the coveted Triple Crown.  Affirmed was the last horse to raise all three trophies and be enshrined in horse racing lore.  Only 11 horses has been up to the task thus far, but I continue to hold out hope that one day I will see a triple crown winner for myself.

The excitement for me begins with the Kentucky Derby.  Never mind the fancy hats and overdone gowns (I will be the first to admit however that the Mint Julips are mighty tasty), the real excitement is when those mighty mites known as jockeys scale the latest class of 3 year old Thoroughbreds and the iconic “Riders Up” and historic bugling of the call to the post begins the race season.

For the past 10 years, I have made a point to watch every race in hopes of a Triple Crown winner.  For me it is like being there to see Jordan’s last dunk, Bond’s 762nd home run or Gretzky’s 894th goal.  It is an accomplishment that will transcend time and be an ever lasting memory in my head.
American Pharaoh represents the chance to see a Triple Crown winner this year.  This horse is a very impressive specimen of beast combining not only raw power but pure grace.  At the Kentucky Derby, American Pharaoh had a little bit of a slow start.

I began to doubt that this particular horse could be a contender for the next 2 races as they become progressively longer in length and the second race, Preakness Stakes, was only 2 weeks away.
Boy was I wrong!  Not only did American Pharaoh win in a convincing manner (7 lengths…..that means for all you none racing face that this horse won by the equivalent of 7 units measured from the horse’s head to tail) but also on a track covered with more mud than a rich’s woman getting a facial.  The track was slow and a mess for all the competition.

Victor Martinez (American Pharaoh’s jockey) decided as the rain started to fall that unlike his plan at the Kentucky Derby to come from the middle and charge toward the final turn, he would let American Pharaoh loose earlier in the race to all himself to remain clean.

I mean he did have a very pretty uniform on that all the mud and debris those horses kick up could certainly be a good commercial for Tide Liquid Detergent if had chosen not to pull away early.

All in all, both of these races have been 2-3 days long hypes for a 2 – 2.5 minute race.  I think only the Super Bowl has more hype (although this past one seems to be have more talk of being tainted than anything else.  Man those Pats cannot catch a break…..or more importantly cannot keep from being caught).

With that being said, June 6, 2015 will be a very special day again as all eyes in the sports world, and the eyes in a small drafty apartment in Washington DC (yes that is where I live if anyone wasn’t paying attention to the winner of the Draft Party Questionnaire) will be squarely on the final 1 1/2 miles of this year’s Triple Crown chase.  The scene will be the Belmont Stakes and the chance at history will be at stake.

Will the 3rd try at the Triple Crown be the lucky charm for Victor Martinez?  Will I be writing another article (cause I’m the veterinarian so naturally I should write about the horses right?) about horse racing expressing my jubilation to cross one more item off my bucket list (it still includes sky diving and visiting Japan….if anyone cares) of seeing a Triple Crown Winner in the flesh….or on the TV….or you get my point?

Only time will tell…..In the meantime, congratulations to American Pharaoh on another impressive win and I look forward to seeing you on June 6th.

Oh and just as a quick side, if the race sucks and American Pharaoh becomes like several other Kentucky Derby and Preakness winners NOT to go on to win the Triple Crown (I mean like it is tough to run 1 1/2 miles faster than any other horse pssssh) there is one more thing to look forward too…….THE U.S. OPEN!!!

And no, not the tennis tournament for all you smart @$$es out there (looking right at you Sudsy…..”Isn’t the Presidents’ Cup sailing?!?!)

Ok ok, rant over.  As always, carry on smartly cadets and let’s root together for a Triple Crown.  FORE!!! er ummm I mean WHINNIE (horse sound).

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