Barclay’s Reaction

  • By Doc

DocWell it is the beginning of the FedEx Cup Playoffs, where like the TV show ‘Who’s line is it anyway’ the games are made up and the points don’t matter.  Tell that to all those players chasing Tiger Woods.

It was an exciting final day at the Barclay’s as Tiger came within a couple of inches of sending the tournament to extras (I remember once a very similar roll that ended with a the Nike swoosh sign showing just before it dropped into the cup…..better luck next time Tiger).

Adam Scott won the first leg of the tournament that featured many different leaders throughout the week.  It is nice to see so many big names competing for the FedEx Cup prize as it almost seemed that the players had really given up on the idea of “playoffs for golf.”

Scott’s smooth final round was as impressive as the final round at Augusta National earlier in the year.  His putting was on fire and I really hope to see that continue to the next FedEx Cup Playoff event, the Deutsche Bank Championship.  All of those players not making the cut at the Barclay’s were eliminated from FedEx Cup contention and the same will follow suit following the Deutsche Bank Championship.

I am predicting a less than stellar outing for Tiger Woods.  His injury really limited him and despite what he told reporters or media staff, he is hurting.  Take it from a long time golfer, when you back hurts it SUCKS to be swinging the golf club.  Still doesn’t explain my impressive slice off the tee but what are you gonna do.

I really expect Matt Kuchar to play well and I am calling it now…..

drum roll please…….

Matt Kuchar will overtake Tiger Woods in the next event to grab the FedEx Cup points lead.

While some of you are saying that is as obvious as Lindsay Lohan going back to rehab, I beg to differ.  Kuchar is a very solid player and seems to always have his name mentioned on the leaderboard on Sunday.  Kuchar has seemed to have an issue with closure as of late.  I really thought he was going to overtake Tiger in this tournament, but alas we must wait another week to see the fireworks.

Oh and on one quick side note…..keep an eye on that Jordan Spieth kid.  I made a prediction a while back (you can go research it… is fine…..I will wait…….) to watch for this kid’s name in the running for the FedEx Cup as well as the next “up and coming” player on the PGA Tour.  Just a reminder that I am still impressed and when he breaks out and has a huge win…..Doc called it first.

SO…to all those lucky enough to be going to the TPC at Boston to watch the next leg of the playoffs….YOU SUCK!! I am stuck here at work writing articles and sometimes saving pets.  Be sure to watch more my reaction to the Deutsche Bank Championship as it will be another riveting read and do not forget the President’s Cup is just on the horizon…..and NO that is not sailing Sudsy.

As always…..carry on smartly cadets…….FORE!!

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