Belch’s Beer Review: Super Bowl

In the spirit of competition, my first beer review will be a battle of the brews, head-to-head hops, and in the end we’ll see what yeast yields first. Every once in a while I’ll be giving you a full beer review, ranging from your american ale all the way to the darkest of stouts.

For this kick off article I’ll be taking Sam Adams Boston Lager, representing the New England Patriots, and squaring it off against Ommegang Abbey Ale, a New York beer who will be fighting for the NY football Giants.


Unlike the New England Patriots, Sam Adams is more widely renowned as one of the most popular beers in the world. The smooth amber ale can be found in most any bar from Boston to San Francisco, and its even mixture of malt and hop create a flavor that most any beer drinker can enjoy.

However just like the New England Patriots, it’s a beer that can be enjoyed at any occasion. At home? Sam Adams is one of the best selling bottled beers in the country while the Pats lead the NFL in home wins in the last ten years. Going out? As I mentioned earlier Sam Adams can be found in just about any bar in the U.S. while NE is tied for 2nd in road wins.

All in all the Boston Lager has a smooth texture matched by Tom Brady’s smooth throwing motion. A golden amber color to match the decade of dominance displayed by New England. It has an aroma as stimulating as the salty sea air found near Cape Cod and the Islands. Sam Adams Boston Lager has everything in a beer that the Patriots offer as an NFL team, but can that match the strength of the Ommegang Abbey?

In the Blue Corner:   OMMEGANG ABBEY ALE

At first taste the Ommegang Abbey Ale is going to feel like someone hit you in the taste buds. The strong flavor will give you a chill, kinda like watching the Giants’ defensive line block a kick, or apply incredible pressure on the quarterback. The Ommegang has a hazy look and a heavier mouthfeel than the Sam Adams, pouring with a thicker head, matching the confusing looks you might get from a dominant Giants defense.

The Giants are a hard hitting, hard fighting team and the abbey ale is a hard hitting beer. The taste is a little sweeter, which will throw you off on first taste, but this typical belgian dubbel is gonna get you feeling tipsy after maybe two bottles.

Ommegang isn’t the most popular beer offered, which makes sense for this particular match up because for the second time these two NFL teams have met in the super bowl, the Giants are once again the underdog, being the lower seed.

Ommegang is strong, flashing thoughts of JPP, Justin Tuck, and Canty with that incredible facemask. It’s dark golden color sparkles brilliantly like the Giants’ rich history. And if you have a few of them you might be dancing like Victor Cruz.

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Belch’s Call:

So what are we looking at? We’ve got the smooth, crisp taste of Sam Adams versus the strong, almost over-powering taste of the Ommegang belgian dubbel.

In a conversation regarding which beer is better i would have to give the edge to Sam Adams Boston Lager. It’s a beer that can be enjoyed in any weather, for any reason.

For the winner of the Super Bowl I’ll take the Patriots over the Giants 27-21. But not without that strength of the Giants defensive line putting a few hits on Tom Brady.

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