BMW Review and Tour Championship Preview

  • By Doc

DocSo the Tour Championship field is set.  After a wild weekend in Illinois that included rain, an epic collapse from someone other than Sergio an d another penalty assessed to Tiger, the final 30 professional golfers that will play for the right to call themselves the FedEx Cup Champion were solidified.

There were definitely surprises during the BMW Championship.  Most notably was the absolutely atrocious play of Rory McIlroy.  It was apparent to me, and most everyone else watching the tournament, that Rory needs to shut down the engines and take some time to recollect his thoughts.  Rory just seemed to miss more than the director of the new Superman/Batman movie selecting Ben Affleck to play Batman.  Rory just couldn’t get his game going and boy did it show.

>Another interesting story line was the proposed “wiggle” of Tiger Woods’ ball during the 3rd round of play.  Now I have watched the video and I am in full belief and agreement with Tiger that the ball oscillated, however by true definition did not move warranting the penalty.  Reading numerous reports on the subject and seeing such heinous things as, “Tiger is a cheater and finally got caught……Tiger knew the ball moved and stopped picking up the twigs and such….”


Of course he knew it moved!!

That is why he stopped to prevent the penalty from happening.  But because he is the #1 player in the world and leading the FedEx Cup standings he is being scrutinized beyond belief in my opinion.  I have a solution Tiger…..go beat down the competition in the Tour Championship and let there be no question who deserves to win the trophy!

Finally, can you say choke?  That was one of the most disastrous collapses by Jim Furyk this weekend at the BMW.  Furyk, the 54-hole leader…..for all you non-golf fans that is leading through 3 rounds of the tournament, had another dismal finish.  Furyk has lead like 3 or 4 times this year at the 54-hole mark and has been unable to close the deal.  Sergio now has someone to share his woes when it comes to laying an egg on the final day.  Furyk will get better I believe and make a run at the title.

But now for the moment you have all been reading for…….predication of the Tour Championship.  This was a tough decision but I am going to go with……..(drum roll please

Adam Scott

Scott has played well and is still riding the high of winning the Masters as well as an event earlier in the FedEx Cup Playoffs.  Scott posses a very confident game that is going to help him stave off the charge of the likes of Tiger and Phil as well as newly re surging players like Snedeker and Zach Johnson.  I look not for a blow out of the tournament but for it to come down to the wire.  Hopefully this year will yield some fireworks like Bill Haas’ epic shot from the water to claim the FedEx Cup a few years back.  It’ll be a wild ride to the finish.  Grab your knickers laddies it is time to go for the REAL cup!!

Carry on smartly cadets.  FORE!!!

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