Brodeur to Schneider Could Get Ugly

  • By Mac

MacSo Corey Schneider is now a New Jersey Devil.  Set to become the goalie of the future for them.  On paper it looks great, Schneider is a blossoming star goalie.  He’s young, cheap and ready to become the main guy.

The Problem?

Well, Martin Brodeur is also there.

This is nothing new for Cory, as he shared the net with Roberto Luongo.  But this is different, this is maybe the greatest goalie ever to play.

I SAID MAYBE!  no reason to roll your eyes!  (You’re still my boy Roy!)

Now, I’m not saying anything bad will happen, in Lou we trust… but I could see it.  Both goalies are saying all the right things, and with the season being crammed together next year with the Olympics it only makes sense to have two capable goalies.

What about after this season?  Who is the #1…. I doubt Marty will retire and let the new goalie take over.  This isn’t Elway riding into the sunset… in fact it smells more of Farve vs. Rodgers.

Does Brodeur strike you as a guy willing to take on a J.S. Giguere roll?  Back up the young guy, play every 5 games?   If so, he’ll be a Devil until he retires… if not.

Brett Farve vs. Rodgers 2.0

I think the Devils did what they had to do, their starting to move on.  No longer is this Brodeur, Stevens, cup team, or even a few years ago with Parise.  It’s a new team with Kovalchuk, Larsson and now Schneider.  New younger core, looking for the next 5 to 10 years.

I for one think this it will work great this season, no problems at all.   Then, if a problem will arise, it will be next off season.  It will start small, and grow…. and just like Farve – Marty’s time in New Jersey could end on an ugly note.

We shall see….

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