Canadian American Cold War is at a Beginning?

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I understand that everyone in the soccer world is excited about Canadian and the American women soccer teams’ bitterness toward one another; however calling it the new Cold War is ridiculous. The intensity and physical nature of these matches alone set almost unprecedented atmosphere.

I understand that people want this rivalry in the making to be a Cold War atmosphere but there isn’t that much hate. There are plenty of Canadians and Americans that play with each other in various sports. Plus there have been some trade disputes that have been well fabricated by the media.
Do the two women soccer teams want to display superiority over the other on the field?

Yes they do but not at the level of the Soviets/USA.

This tension is more of a big sister vs. middle sister type bout. Cold War, what a stretched metaphor to describe this rivalry (or soon to be).

Win, lose, or draw these matches do create a buzz for the women’s soccer world.

Now let’s talk about the soccer side of this rivalry (soon maybe). I’m trying to jump the gun on calling this a rivalry or a great rivalry but the women’s soccer world needs a platform to draw even more attention.

Men’s soccer has Spain vs. Portugal, Brazil vs. Argentina, USA vs. Mexico, and Netherlands vs. Germany to name a few top heavy ones.

The women’s soccer world has a list of top level teams: USA, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, and Japan.
These are well contested games when they face each other but there isn’t a consistent pairing that has the entire soccer world going “wow, I have to DVR that one.”

The Canadian and USA women’s soccer matches can become a center piece and a flagship rivalry that could help grow the sport even more. There is still plenty of work in the upcoming matches before this can be called a true and one day a flagship rivalry.

The media and other type of social networks are already trying to put an amazing spin on this “rivalry.” There need to be conditions that need to be met before a rivalry can be built.

  1. Both teams want to beat each other under any condition, regardless that a trophy or title is at stake. For the most part they do meet these criteria but throw in some additional exhibitions and this can add more fuel to the fire.
  2. Teams play each other consistently to develop the familiarity with each other. Again, they need to throw some more exhibition matches.
  3. Classical games. There needs to be games that haunt the team that loses. Well at the current point there is just one the 2012 Olympics match (4-3 OT) thriller.
  4. Streaks of success over one another. As of now the record is close to being 46-4-6 on the American favor with two of those wins 9-1 over the lady leafs.

A rivalry could be built by one game. Take a look at the Avalanche and the Red Wings. Claude Lemieux by him created a fun rivalry. Yes there were other factors too but that was a huge tipping point. The reality of the situation this does fall into a rivalry category but a great one is just couple of classic games or fights (maybe).

Final Thoughts: If this game is going to break into a flagship rivalry then it will need a name that will bring flare that can’t help go unnoticed. The famous club rivalries like the Old Firm, El Classico, Holy War, and D’italia have brought attention from around the world. Here is a chance for the US and Canadian soccer teams to take advantage. Here is list I drew up of some names for the rivalry.

  • Coldblooded Showcase: I like this one because the border lies on colder part of the northern hemisphere and the players from both sides are ice in bitterness. I went with showcase because there is fun and athletic talent on both sides.
  • Red White Stripe Firefight: I went with one because it describes that both of our flags have those colors and they needed to be earned in this match. I went with Firefight because both counties have solid aircraft programs.
  • Taiga Catfight: Taiga is biome that attaches both countries in certain areas and cat because who doesn’t like a girl fight.
  • 45 degree Dogfight: 45 stands for the latitude the divides the border and dog fight because that another reference to an aircraft reference.
  • Skookum Blockbuster: This was just really dorky slang jamming thing I wanted to do. Skookum means good and Blockbuster meaning successful. Little redundant but fun and dorkish none the less.

Cross your fingers and hope we have a chance to see if this becomes a true rivalry or another over hyped matchup.

3 years ago
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