Cap-ernicking Kaepernick

  • By Mac

MacSo Colin Kaepernick was caught wearing a Miami Dolphins hat.  First off, great taste… I suddenly like Kaepernick much better.

I digress…

He was wearing a hat that wasn’t the team he was playing on, BLASPHEMY!  I didn’t see…. did a SWAT team descend from the roof at take him out?  Well they should have,  I mean who does he think he is?  You grew up playing football.  I guess, that means probably watching it…. allot.  And maybe you had favorite teams and players.  You spent two entire decades cheering and rooting for them.  But you were drafted by a different team.

So now you hate all other teams.

All of them, Hate.

In fact, you hate all sports teams that are not in your city.  Kaepernick better not be a Cubs fan…. or a Maple Leaf.  Nope, you were always a San Fran boy.

Unless you go to another team at some point in your career.   (That never happens to good QBs)  *Cough* Brees, Manning, Montana, Farve, etc…*Cough*

Dolphins HatI agree that these professional athletes, who train all day long, every day to compete for their jobs.   They must also have a strict dress code, It should span to brands as well.  All San Fran players wear Fruit of the Loom now!

It’s completely rediculious…. who cares.  I know someone who matches his hat to his shirt.  He is a HUGE Bronco fan, but wears a classic old school powder blue Lance Alworth jersey…. he had to go buy a powder blue hat to match it.  Does this mean he isn’t a really bronco fan?

This whole ordeal about kaepernicks ‘cap’ is ridiculous, he is a person with passions, lets not pretend they are all about San Fran.

Plus… it was a Phinz hat…. That’s just SEXY!!!

And, since Kaepernick obviously reads Mac Sports and Suds, send me your address, we can get you a nice new logo one!

Go Phinz!

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