Chicago Cubs Bryant and Baez: A Different Take

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Chicago Cubs Spring Training

Popular opinion is that the Chicago Cubs moving Kris Bryant and Javier Baez to the minors is a horrible move for baseball. Those that say it ruins the integrity of the sport have plenty of fuel to suggest to create a “Burning Man”-esque tirade that shows all of the capabilities of getting out of control.

I, on the other hand, am here to urge people to calm down and realize that what the Cubs did was help to insure their future.

The Cubs spent big this offseason, even if all they did was get highly sought after lefty Jon Lester. Chicago looks to be heavy in the prospect department (as they should, they have kind of sucked for a long time) and then decided to make a brilliant organizational move by attempting to retain their top two prospects for another year.

So sue them.

When was the last time the Cubbies were known for their play on the field, and not the seventh inning stretch? “Was that Bill Murray?” is a more relevant question in Wrigley than “How many outs are there?” and it’s pathetic.

Chicago is a city that has been bathed in sports legend for years, and now they are attempting to make a smart move for the franchise and they get reporters jumping down their throats.

Stop it.

It has been more than a century since they last made the confetti fall, and fans are siding with young players, not a storied franchise. If Bryant sits in the minors for a few weeks to gain another year on his contract, wouldn’t that be a good thing for Cubs fans?

Reporters are so quick nowadays to jump on a bandwagon, but they fail to realize that Bryant can still win Rookie of the Year with a few weeks removed. Settle down and think.

How stupid do people think Theo Epstein is to think that the Cubs are willing to put literally every egg they have into one year? Is that what Chicago sports have come to? Zero faith in a tomorrow has people so gun shy and chomping at the bit that they are forced to doubt the one person that brought the same turnaround to another storied and troubled franchise.

Anyone remember what Theo gave Boston? I certainly will never forget winning a Championship in my lifetime, thanks Theo for handling that. Now it’s your turn Chicago.

So you go two weeks without your star. Deal with it. You could go the rest of Bryant’s career without him, and that should scare you way more.

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