D Day coming!

MacIt’s true, D Day is coming.  I know what you’re thinking… that already happened.  You would be right, but it’s happening again.  The Draft Day is approaching, and I have serious draft fever…. and it’s bad.   It’s all I can think about now!

That and Kate Beckinsale in heels….












The Draft, yes… I was asked the other day why I enjoyed it so much.  Sure I love the concept of hope for my floundering dolphins who drafting gives me the same reaction of a shot of tequila.  But that’s not the only reason; it’s the flow, the game, the value of it.

So I’m going to tell you a story, not about a hobbit, a story about a Mac Sports and Suds draft party.

The year?  2010

Place, Mac’s house… D Day!

Now the 2010 NFL draft wasn’t very exciting for me as Miami trade out of the #12 pick back to #28 and took Jared Odrick – DT – Penn State.  Nothing amazing, but the reason I love the draft happened earlier.

We watched as the ‘top’ wide out in the draft fell… Dez Bryant.  There was a chance he’d go top 10, likely top 20 so when he was on the board at pick #21 it got interesting.

I like the black dress; my god is she hot… where was I

Ah yes, 2010, pick 21

Golden our resident Bengal fan had just watched his team loose Chad Johnson, and T.J. Howsyourmama (championship!).  He wanted a new threat for Carson, and couldn’t believe his luck!

“Take Dez!”

With the 21st pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals select: Jermaine Gresham – TE – Oklahoma.  I nice pick, he wasn’t mad… but you could see he felt like they missed a prize.

Then pick 22, the Denver Broncos where our J*Rod and Sudsy clamored over Dez!  “We just traded Brandon Marshall to you Mac!  Let’s take Bryant, how can we be so lucky?”

Golden sulked at his missed chance…

With the 22nd pick in the NFL draft the Denver Broncos select: Demaryius Thomas – WR – Georgia Tech.

Silence over the draft party… I laughed a bit inside.

I had Thomas as my 4th rated WR, and as he’s starting to show his potential I still worry about his injuries.  Within moments, the two Broncos talked themselves into why it was a good pick.

Pick 23… Packers select Bryan Bulaga – OT – Iowa

Miller hits his hand on the table, “Damn it! I wanted him in Dallas.”

Pick 24…. Who do you want the Cowboys to take now?  Miller scrambles, not happy that there.  There was a mention of McCourty the corner, but mainly offensive line was just too important, especially right tackle.  “Rodger Saffold – OT – Indiana, We have to protect Romo.”

Miller, Golden, Whirly, Sudsy, J*Rod and I turned to the TV… Nothing

“You don’t want Dez?”  asked Golden.

“NO!  We have weapons, Roy Williams, Miles Austin, Jason Witten… but no Line!”

Speaking of weapons, let’s pause and take another look at Kate….

.Kate Weapons






Worth it.

With the 24th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys select:  Dez Bryant – WR – Oklahoma State

Miller begins to drink….

And that is exactly why I love the draft.  1 player, 3 picks.  The first two wanted him, and didn’t get him… the last got him but didn’t want him.

I still remember watching the opening game of the Cowboys season with Miller.  Remember how that game ended?  Boys vs. Skins?

Here is the start of the recap:

Trailing by six on the last play of the game, Tony Romo scrambled, stumbled and scrambled some more. He stepped forward and finally spotted Roy Williams, wide open in the end zone.

A 13-yard pass for a game-winning touchdown. Teammates knocked Williams to the ground in celebration.

But there was something else on the field. A yellow flag, a game-long nemesis in a mistake-filled game. Holding on Alex Barron. Game over.”

Miller slammed his brew and pointed to the screen, “Mac, that’s why we shouldn’t have drafted Dez… we can’t block!”

I can’t wait to see what drama shows up this year!

Oh, I forgot, that was the Tim Tebow draft… Well I will share that story another time….

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