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Ahhhh hear it is another golf season…..well actually the PGA season started like 1 month ago, but I live here in Colorado and technically we do not start our golf season until like March since we don’t get to play those fancy tropical courses that they do.

I don’t sound bitter at all do I???

Anyway, focusing back on the PGA and the 2014 season and why not begin with a very troubling question……where have all the BIG names gone?

Oh sure there are those up and coming names present on the leaderboards of the past several tournaments, but I mean the names that had been used to name several new baby births kind of names. I am specifically talking about Tiger (no surprise there) and probably even more surprising is Rory McIlroy.

Rory and Tiger are again absent for most of the tournaments early in the year. Oh sure they are playing, but I mean when you are not playing in PGA events it’s comparable to playing a relaxed outing hustling your buddies for money.

So what is the deal with these two guys?

Are they really in need of time off from their dismal seasons of 2013?

Rather than time off maybe pick up another hobby like fishing….or you could find a significant other, although that tends to not go well when you try to find several (sorry for the shot at you there Tiger). I contend that these two superstars are seriously jeopardizing their chances to play well in 2014 as well and here is why…..

Reason #1:

Playing against the best talent in the world challenges your game and keeps you not only mentally tough but also keeps your skills at their peak. You do not see top athletes in any other major sport sit out several games and then come back to have a stellar year. Take Kobe Bryant, Robert Griffin III, and much to my dismay, Derek Jeter as prime examples of this fallacy. Let’s face it folks….you gotta play to win and to you win you gotta be competing at your top level. McIlroy and Woods are taking off too much time to keep their games at the peak they need to be at to compete with these new young studs that is the PGA Tour.

Reason #2:

In a single word….contentment. I mean you were BOTH the #1 player in the world, have both won a Masters and are arguably some of the greatest to ever play. Are you good with that? OF COURSE YOU’RE NOT!! But that is the message you are sending yourself and the players around you. I remember a time when Tiger Woods was the most feared golfer in any tournament and lately he seems to be as harmless as a new born kitten.

Where is that hunger?

Where is that passion?

Where is the chasing down the putt and fist pumping adrenaline ride that we once knew and loved?

Come on man!

We need that from you and more importantly…YOU NEED THAT FROM YOU!!

You have to WANT to be the best in the world. You have to WANT to win so badly that you cannot think of anything else. Training, playing, tweaking, analyzing….you have to want to win as bad as you want to breathe. Tiger Wood and Rory McIlroy I am calling you out and stating in from of Mac Sports and everyone that you don’t want it bad enough and I am disappointed. Not that my meager little rant is going to change anything but damn it I wanted to make my point.

Easy solution…..walk into the bathroom look yourself in the mirror and decide whether you want to step up or shut up. That is all.

Oh wait, one more plug……how about that Jordan Spieth kid?? Who called that? Yep that would be two GIANT thumbs pointing at this guy. Anyway, carry only smartly cadets……as fore me (just for you J-rod) I am going to continue to freeze my @$$ off until the REAL golf season starts.

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