Doc’s Slice: British Open 2013

  • By Doc

DocSo there I was…..7:00 AM and I was awake.  I stumble into the kitchen, with much disgust at being awake so early to make myself breakfast.  I am hoping that sustenance will improve my mood.  I flip on the TV and by jove there is golf on!  I am instantly elated that it is British Open time and there is golf on in the wee early morning hours.

It is good of our friends across the pond to arrange the tournament as such to accommodate golf fans like myself with the sport we love being televised so early in the morning.  Nevermind the fact it has to do with these time zone things, I commend our British brethren at their forward thing attitude.

But now down to business…..the British Open is underway and at the half way point we have had two strong leaders.  To be quite honest I was not surprised to see Zach Johnson at the top of the leader board as he has been playing well.  The “See More” putter really has him making more putts and I believe that his game is peaking at the right time.  Following day 2 at the Open Championship (the British folks believe that since our is called our “Nations Championship” they will give there major a fancy-pants name as well), we had another new leader……Miguel Angel Jimenez.  I mean honestly I don’t know why he doesn’t go by Miguel Jimenez but apparently it is cooler in Spain to use all your names.

And then there lurking in the shadows like a predator stalking his prey is none other than…….Jordan Spieth.  Ok while the 19 year old is playing exceptionally well I was referring to the #1 player in the world Tiger Woods.  He is competing well and I believe could finally shake the cold streak at the majors with a win here at the Open Championship.

So now the big moment, the one you have been patiently waiting for…..who is going to win the coveted Claret Jug?

My prediction: Tiger Woods.  I believe that Tiger has razor sharp focus and seems hell-bent to prove that his elbow injury is “not serious” and that he has not lost his touch afterall.  I mean lets be honest, Lindsay Vonn did not travel all that way to see her man lose did she?  On a more serious note, Tiger is hitting more fairways and avoiding those costly pot bunkers that links style courses, such as those played for the Open Championship, so proudly display.  Yeah I think as long as Tiger can keep making those difficult putts and can keep is driver straight (with the help of Lindsay of course) he should be hoisting the Claret Jug at weekend’s end.

My sleeper or dark-horse prediction: Jordan Spieth.  This 19 year old might be one of the hottest guys on tour right now.  Following a recent PGA tour win, this kid is riding a huge confidence wave to the other side of the pond.  I love his swagger and his teenage aggression when he plays.  I think he could afford to show a little more control on the course with regard to his aggressive decisions, but I also remember a young player that was also very grandiose and “throw caution to the wind” type of player in 1997 when he won by nearly 11 shots (for those of you drawing a blank…..that was a young Tiger). 

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