Doc’s Slice: PGA Championship Prediction

  • By Doc

DocThis is the official prediction of Doc’s Slice for the PGA championship 2013.  I know I am going to seem like a little bit of a sell out by going this route but i’m going with…..


Yup you guested it….


Tiger Woods.

This guy is one of the most dominant players in the sport of golf and despite what you think of him as a person or a role model; there is no debate about his game and his ability to win tournaments.  Some of the biggest knocks on him recently are that Tiger, “can not win under pressure.”  I beg to differ.  Tiger has been in the pressure cooker more often than not and instead of folding like some players, sorry Sergio – I am looking right at you big guy, Tiger often found or more importantly made a way to win the tournament.

So the real question is why does Tiger win This major?  Well honestly we could talk about his reformed short game, his improved fairway accuracy off the tee or his re dedication to mental preparation and focus.  I would argue that he is going to win for one simple reason… he is due.  Tiger has been so close in recent majors to lifting his 15th major of his career and creeping ever so close to the Nicklaus record that in my opinion he is due.  He has stated that he is striking the ball better than he has in a long time and with the resurgence of his short game I believe it is a matter of the stars aligning and the golf Gods bestowing a winning weekend upon Tiger.

All joking aside, Tiger has a huge confidence boost coming off of a big victory and should be pumped about his chances at Oak Hill.  While history does not support Tiger’s chances, he has only won 4 majors after winning the tournament directly ahead of the major, I believe this is going to be the culmination of Tiger’s climb back to the epic super stardom that has eluded him for too long.

So here is the official Doc Slices Prediction:

Winner: Tiger Woods

Biggest Surprise: Keegan Bradley

Dark horse: Lee Westwood

If nothing else it will be fun to see the excitement and stories unfold on the greens and fairways of Oak Hill.  I wish the best of luck to all the players, but more than anyone else i’m excited at the possibility of Tiger raising his 15th major, only 3 away from tying Jack’s all time record!

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