Doc’s Slice: PGA Championship Reaction

  • By Doc

DocWell the 95th PGA Championship is in the books and I have to saw that my prediction skills are about as good as those predicting the Cubs to win the World Series.  I mean seriously, Ray Charles could have seen a better outcome.  Ok I apologize for the Ray Charles comment, but you get my drift.  Doc’s latest predictions = poor.

That might have something to do with my selection to win the tournament.  Talk about really disappearing in the big tournaments.  David Copperfield can’t even pull off as good of a vanishing act as Tiger at the majors.  I mean did he forget the object was to be BELOW par.  I believe Tiger is something like +12 over his last 8 rounds in major championships.  I mean it is disgrace!  Granted I might be coming down a little harsh on the #1 player in the world and the leader of the FedEx Cup at the current time, but DAMN IT…I keep pulling for Tiger and rooting him on only to have my heart broken each and every time.  It’s like I enjoy disappointment and I am finally understanding what it must be like to be a Dolphins fan, or a Twins fan, or a Bengals fan, or….well you get the point.  Suffice it to say, I am slowly falling off of the Tiger bandwagon.  I just cannot continue to hold out hope that my prince will come only to have the ugly step sisters continue to ruin my dream.

On a separate note, CONGRATS to both Jim Furyk and Jason Dufner.  That was one of the most exciting final rounds that I have watched in a long time.  I mean the shot making was impressive and neither competitor was willing to back down.  Dufner was very impressive to me hitting the driver.  He was striping the ball off the tees and dissecting the fairways on nearly every shot.  I was a little worried that Dufner might have some trouble with the Sunday pressure at a major and really lose control of the putter, but to my pleasant surprise his precise putting accuracy continued and he made some really clutch putts.  Furyk on the other hand went like 5 or 6 holes before hitting his first fairway and was really grinding to make pars.  I really felt genuinely happy for Dufner winning his first of hopefully many majors to come.

All in all, I felt it was a very fitting end to the major championships.  Granted it was not the player I expected to be raising the Watermaker trophy, but that is what makes the game of golf so exciting to watch (well at least as exciting as it can be on TV).

Now we prepare for the final push to the FedCup Playoffs and finally the President’s Cup to close out the 2013 season.  Should be an exciting finish and will definitely more fun than watching the WNBA (are they even still playing?)

As always, keep it in the short grass and don’t forget to tip your cart girls.

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