Final Four Breakdown

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Alright, now onto the Final Four stage. I decided to change it up with my style again. Just want to keep you on your toes. Instead of writing lengthy paragraphs, I wanted to break down things the teams should do in order to in a position to win the game.  Kind of a coaching style and little more visibly pleasing to the readers because of all the analysis you’re reading right now.  Yeah less painful, data starting now – – – – >

United States of America vs. Germany

USA Keys for Success:

  • 90 minutes means 90 minutes- not 60 minutes
  • Communicate on corners. The Germans lose their marks fairly easily
  • Possess the ball but move the ball quickly
  • Don’t take on multiple defenders
  • Better decisions when you beat the defender
  • Have a plan when you trap the ball
  • The defenders did a great job stepping in passing lanes. Keep it up
  • Finish the opportunities (easy said than done but there are going to be fewer chances in this game than any other game that was played in the tournament)
  • Need to be stronger on the ball. China was not a physical team and we gave the ball away to easy. The Germans want this to be a physical game.
  • Don’t assume; be ready for anything (follow the ball, be ready for missed clears, be ready for mishandled balls from the keeper)!!!!
  • Germans like to send numbers and every player needs to be accounted for in the attack.

Germany’s Keys for Success:

  • Hope Solo hasn’t been challenged, shoot the ball
  • Better support for the players on the flanks
  • Know where the goalkeeper is at (to many times the French keeper came off her line to grab easy crosses)
  • Pressure the US players
  • Continue to play physical
  • Angerer needs to continue to play well
  • Better communication on attacking and defending set pieces
  • If there is no crossing lane then use your supporting players quicker
  • Mix up your corner kick plays, too predictable
  • Crosses need to go to the eight yard area, Hope will eat crosses up in the 6 to easily
  • No need to dive in at the American forward on the flanks, be patient, the mistake will happen and easy turnover

Quick Breakdown: If the USA can get a goal or the game is tied after the 25th minute then this can be well fought game.  That scenario doesn’t happen then this will be a long devastating game for the US. I hope I’m wrong with choice but this is Germany’s cup to lose. The mediocre play and decent play at best will not overcome Germany’s firepower.

Whirly Prediction: Germany wins 4-1

Japan vs. England

Japan Keys for success:

  • Play simple
  • Remain composed on the field
  • For Gursh sakes Finish the darn thing
  • Better crosses in the box
  • Mix up corner kick plays. Doing the same play or slight variation is too predictable
  • Keep playing defense as a team
  • Need to contest attacking shooter better. Australia had more than ideal shots in open areas
  • Focus getting ball on frame. Force the goalkeeper to make a save
  • Continue to play the ball in tight spaces
  • Japan has a great knack for changing pace of attacks to throw off timing of the other team. Need little more of that in the next game
  • Locate the Goalkeeper. Figure out when it is appropriate to shoot far post

England’s Keys for success:

  • Play as a team
  • Better communication
  • More urgency
  • Better placement on corners and free kicks (yes they hit one good one in the Canada game)
  • Don’t dive into tackles on Japan( a bit reckless at times)
  • Need to organize quicker on set pieces
  • Contest the shooters of Japan
  • Use your height
  • Better clearances from the defensive third
  • Stay on your feet (went down to easily on certain challenges)
  • Quick shots don’t hold onto the ball too long. Japan recovers really well

Quick Breakdown: England is sloppy but oddly efficient when it comes to chances. Japan will maintain control this game easily. There will be some scary moments for Japan but in the end the true way to play soccer will prevail.

Whirly’s Prediction: Japan wins 2-1.

Final Thoughts: Quick and easy – – >GO USA USA < – –

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