First Look at 2014 NFL Draft

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  • By Mac

MacSo the 2013 draft is fresh in the books, it’s time to take a quick first look at the 2014 draft.  These are players who you want to watch this upcoming season.  Obviously some will slide away into middle rounds or even undaunted  and others will rise up to be top 10 picks we haven’t heard of yet.  But alas, we have to start somewhere.

It’s an interesting draft because there is something for everyone.  Early looks say that 3 Qbs if not more could go in round 1.  There are several wideouts and even a tight end that could be 1st round picks.  Need line help?  No worries, their could be maybe 5 offensive tackles!

Are you hurting on defense, their are pass rushers, run suffers, inside linebackers, corners and even a safety  It will be interesting to see who rises and falls, lets take a look at who ‘could’ be coming out next season.

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Quarterbacks to Watch:

There are many QBs to watch this year, as this class is strong!

  1. Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Louisville  – Would have gone #1 this year, 6-foot-3, 220-pound.  Has quick release, above average accuracy.. could be the real deal.
  2. Tajh Boyd – QB – Clemson – Tough, works hard, strong arm and mobile, could have a big year.
  3. Johnny Manziel – QB – Texas A&M – Unique talent, needs to show he can be more disciplined and hold up for another season.

Others to keep an eye on…
A.J. McCarron – QB – Alabama (Could go in Rounds  1 – 3)
David Fales – QB – San Jose State (1 – 3)
Marcus Mariota – QB – Oregon (2 – 3)
Aaron Murray – QB – Georgia (2 – 3)
Logan Thomas – QB – Virginia Tech (2-3)
Derek Carr – QB – Fresno State (2-4)

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Running Backs to Watch:

A weaker class with only a  few having a chance to go in round 1.

1. D’Anthony Thomas – RB – Oregon – He’s a fast shifty back who can make plays.  He’s dynamic enough to score every time he gets the ball.  But he’s only 5-9 meaning he’s more likely in round 2.

Others to keep an eye on….

Lache Seastrunk – RB – Baylor (Could go in Rounds 2 -3)
Ka’Deem Carey – RB – Arizona (2-3)
Bishop Sankey – RB – Washington (2-3)

Fullbacks won’t come off the board until rounds 4-5 at the earliest… 

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Wide Receivers to Watch:

Looking for a game breaker?  Big time play makers could be here…

  1. Marqise Lee – WR – USC – A Heisman finalist has speed to stretch the feild, and is explosive enough to score on any play.  Lee also is a great route runner and has hands.
  2. Sammy Watkins – WR – Clemson – He’s a game breaker, with some size.  He had a massive freshman year and didn’t live up to expectations as a sophomore.

Others to keep an eye on…
Mike Evans – WR – Texas A&M (Could go in Rounds 1-2)
Brandon Coleman – WR – Rutgers (1-2)
Jordan Mathews – WR – Vanderbilt (2-3)
Cody Hoffman – WR – BYU (2-3)
Jared Abbrederis – WR – Wisconsin (2-3)

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Tight Ends to Watch:

We are seeing more and more matchup problems from Tight Ends.

1. Austin Seferian-Jenkins – TE – Washington – Great freshmen and sophomore years has him in position to be a first round pick this coming April.  He has size, speed and athleticism, could be the next Gronk/Graham.

Others to keep an eye on….
Colt Lyerla – TE – Oregon (Could go in Rounds 1-2)
Eric Ebron – TE – North Carolina (2-3)
Xavier Grimble – TE – USC (2-3)
C.J. Fiedorozicz – TE – Iowa (2-3)

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Offensive Tackles to Watch:

Looks like another strong tackle class, no clear cut #1 as of yet.

  1. Cyrus Kouandjio – OT – Alabama – Gifted, just needs to prove it this year now the the left side is his.
  2. Jake Matthews – OT – Texas A&M – Great bloodlines, has all the tools, takes over for Jockel to prove his worth.
  3. Taylor Lewan – OT – Michigan – Some considered the best tackle in the draft!
  4. Antoniao Richardson – OT – Tennessee – Massive tackle who could just overwhelm most DE’s

Others to keep an eye on…
Cameron Erving – OT – Florida State (Could go in Rounds 1-2)
David Yankey – OT – Standford (1-2)
James Hurst – OT – North Carolina (2-3)

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Guards and Centers to Watch:

No Pouncey, Decastro, Warmack or Cooper in this draft… sorry

1. Bryan Stork – C – Florida State – To early to tell, but I see him in round 2-3
2. Cyril Richardson – G – Baylor – Could play some right tackle which will help his stock.

Others to keep an eye on….
Russell Bodine – C – North Carolina (Could go in Rounds 2-4)
Gabe Jackson – G – Mississippi St. (2-4)

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Time to move to Defense!

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