Freedom of Speech: Part II

  • By Miller

MillerJust so everyone knows how strongly I feel about this topic, I got married yesterday and I leave for my honeymoon tomorrow. My wife just went to bed, which I told her I will be up right after I write this article.

I wrote an article previously about Ozzie Guillen’s right to express his communist sympathies and Kobe’s right to say the term “faggot.”  I do not agree with either of their comments, but I firmly believe that they can say whatever they want, primarily because we live in the great country of America.

Once again, I must reiterate my point. Apparently, Philadelphia Eagle’s receiver Riley Cooper used the term “nigger” in a confrontation with a black security officer at a Kenny Chesney concert, which was filmed by a bystander on a smart-phone. As a result, he was forced to apologize to his fan-base and teammates.

Alright, do I believe somebody should be dropping N-bombs at people?!?! No. With that said, this is America; Klan members have the right to congregate and express their racist diatribes. Why is it any different with Riley Cooper in his private life saying something stupid and ignorant?!?! Doesn’t he have that right in this country? Would this have been as big of a deal if it was an ethnic slur about Italians, Irish, Cubans, Germans, Japense, et cetera? And the list can go on and on…

I do not endorse a lot of what people do, but I do endorse their right to do it. People are as free to be as stupid or as smart as they want to be, and they do not need to be fined for their words in settings that don’t belong on the internet in the first place. I am a die-hard Cowboys fan and I’m excited when things go wrong in Philadelphia. I cheer a little when Maclin goes down and a part of me is rooting for a Riley Cooper suspension.

With that said, from an unbiased perspective, I don’t believe Cooper should have been fined, nor should he be suspended. I do believe he needed to apologize to his teammates, but that is an in-house thing. Jerome Mondesire, former NAACP leader, stated, “The NFL should consider suspending Riley Cooper…and that he should go through some kind of racial sensitivity classes.” Really…I would like to direct you to Dennis Leary’s comedy skit on “sensitivity training.”

The bottom line is the rest of sports should be like the NHL, where Dustin Brown and Andrew Shaw can drop F-bombs on national TV and not get in trouble because it is their freedom of speech at stake. Guillen should be allowed to express his communist sympathies, Kobe should be allowed to say “faggot,” and Riley Cooper should be allowed to say “nigger.” I don’t agree with anything said by Guillen, Bryant, and Cooper, but I believe in their right to express themselves.

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