Ghost of Marino

The Ghost of Miami’s past?… Marino

Present?…… Garrard?


Bottlenose Dive

It was just about a week ago, when finally there was hope to quiet the ghost of Marino…. He keeps haunting us.  Some say you can see him patrolling the sidelines during the games.

In another reality the Dolphins’ new quarterback would be Peyton Manning…. Then it spun and spun and spun until now we have David Garrard.

This isn’t just a problem of how Miami missed out on the greatest free agent of all time; it’s how far Miami has fallen.  It wasn’t a quick fall; it’s been slow and gradual over years.

It isn’t bad coaching… Miami has had some strong coaches… it’s the management of the team.

It’s so bad now that Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark said via twitter that no one wanted to play for them.  He took less money to resign with the Steelers.

Joey Porter said the management is not to be trusted, you just don’t believe what their saying.

Do you see any other managers getting ripped like this?  Let’s not forget the “is-your-mother-a-prostitute” line of questioning with Dez Bryant a couple of years back.  That went well.

This is the team that held Gator day for Tim Tebow, even though he was on the other team.  Talk about awkward!

Miami Dolphins are no longer about the perfect season, Don Shula, Marino to Clayton, or even winning.  Miami use to be a team of stars, and the city still is look at the Marlins and Heat.

The Dolphins?  Their stars are Fergie, Gloria Estefan, J Lo, and the other celebrities that own .01% of the team.  Very impressive.

Remember Parcells’ treatment of Jason Taylor?  I wonder why Manning crossed Miami off the list…. FIRST?  Miami wasn’t even in the running, Peyton went to visit every other city, Arizona even… but the city he has a condo in?  Nope, they went to him… he humored them and then moved on to a real team.

But Matt Flynn for sure…. Wait no thanks I’d rather compete for a job in Seattle.  Alex Smith?  He’d rather be in San Fran…. 3 down.  Leaves us with Garrard as the upgrade over Henne?

Mammals not Fish

This problem isn’t just with QB’s either, the ownership sends coaches running also.  Remember when Miami’s brass flew across the country to woo Jim Harbaugh even though they had a coach?  That didn’t go well, and people wonder why Jeff Fisher picked the Rams (2 win team that hasn’t had 9 wins in a year since 2003).   Their better than Miami, ask Saban, who also ran as soon as he could?

The weird thing, almost all of these problems could be solved if Miami simply understood that they need to acquire talent.  Sounds obvious?  Someone tell the Dolphins!  This is the team that traded Wes Welker for a second round pick, that turned into Samson Satele, only to trade him away for a 6th round pick that turned into OT Andrew Gardner. (who?)  Satele has now started 34 of 38 games in Oakland and is on his way to a promising career.  Wes Welker, well he’s done an adequate job in New England.

Miami also traded away Ted Ginn Jr for a 5th round pick, that is CB Nolan Carroll (He struggled bad last season).  Now obviously Ginn Jr. failed as a WR and wasn’t worth the 9th over all pick, but he has scored 3 times on punt or kickoff returns in the past 19 games…. Miami?  0.

And just the other day, the MVP of the Pro Bowl Brandon Marshall for a couple of 3rd round picks… Bye bye talent, we don’t need you here.
Hell, this team wasn’t interested in Michael Vick when he was released from prison in 2009!

They have made some strong choices, Cameron Wake, Jake Long, and deciding not to trade for Kyle Orton.  But it’s also not a coincidence that the only year Miami has made the playoffs in the past 10 years they had Chad Pennington as their QB.

Dolphin Tale

This team needs to get talent, and it starts with the QB.  Nothing is more important than a franchise QB, not a coach…. Not a celebrity half time show.  Say what you will about Washington giving up to much for RGIII, but our fans were cheering for the team to lose last year!  “Suck for Luck!”

3 first round picks for a chance at a real QB?  After 12 years… yes please!  Have you seen the list of QB’s since Marino began his haunting career?

Matt More, Chad Henne, Chad Pennington, Tyler Thigpen, Cleo Lemon, Trent Green, John Beck, Joey Harrington, Daunte Culpepper, Cleo Lemon, Gus Frerotte, Sage Rosenfels, A.J. Feeley, Brian Griese, Ray Lucas, Damon Huard, Jay Fiedler.

Ouch…. Only 2 of them were drafted by Miami.  They don’t want to take a risk on a young QB so they just hope to find a diamond in the rough with other team cast offs…. Lots of diamonds there.

The fact is: all we Dolfans hoped that this off season we would finally have a light at the end of the tunnel.  Luck, Manning, RGIII… someone to be our QB.

The last hope is Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is said to need a couple of years’ development.  Looks like a 2nd  round pick to me….  Another name hidden diamond?  I doubt it.

Miami has to quit settling for scraps and make a move to get someone who will be the face of the franchise… in the draft.

With players like Flynn and Smith, you might have one of those accident seasons, where everything goes right, the team goes 13-3… and that’s fun.  That won’t put the images of Marino’s ghost to rest.

All the best teams have franchise passers and all of them were drafted by that team.  Save for one, Drew Brees in New Orleans, acquired as a free agent.  (Another black mark on Miami’s record.)

In my opinion there are no franchise passers left to get this year, so Matt Moore and David Garrard here we go.

I for one will start learning more about USC’s Matt Barkley, OU’s Landry Jones, Ten’s Tyler Bray, and Ark’s Tyler Wilson… next year’s QB class.

I just hope one of them can put straighten out this haunted and lost franchise.

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