Golden Fantasy: Top 5 Backup WRs

Well it is that time of year again.  Get out the dry erase board, Cheedos and Mountain Dew (Drink beer if you choose…I know I don’t get much done while drinking).  Charge the cell phones and make sure you can find that little cord that powers that laptop, because it is time for some fantasy football drafting.

By no means am I claiming that I am an expert when it comes to FF.  Any one that plays in a league with me knows that…but here is my take on a few things if you care to read.  If you are new to Fantasy Football (like I was a few years ago) or if you have been playing for as long as you can remember, than you know as well as I do, that it is very easy to find a top 5 of any position ALL over the internet.  So I am going to try something different.  I am going to give my 5 picks at each position that I think should/may/may not have a break out year, at the least these 5 picks should be solid backups.  If you miss out on nabbing one to the elites in any given position, maybe this is worth a read.  Saying all this, I will most definitely provide you will a question or a rhetorical question?

Top 5 Solid Backup WRs

These receivers are slowly gaining more popularity in just the first week of preseason.  These 5 have potential to have a break out year for a number of reasons.

1. Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers
This kid showed a ton of talent last year.  He is surrounded with superstars and has great value in the 4-6 rounds of the draft. The only down side to Nelson is that he is in fact surrounded with superstars that are just as capable of making plays, the question to ask is “What side of the bed did Rogers wake up on?”.

2. Eric Decker – Denver Broncos
I think the question should not be “Is Payton ready for this season?” but “Who will be Payton’s new favorite go to guy?” Denver’s first preseason game may have given a slight hint to what’s to come. Payton looks comfortable in the pocket, Denver’s line is guarding him with their lives, and Payton is looking downfield in Eric’s direction.

3. Robert Meachem – San Diego Chargers
With Vincent Jackson out of the picture, “Who will step up and become River’s new big target?”. In New Orleans, Meachem was forced to compete on field with a lot of talent. The Chargers are a bit less talented at the Wide out position.Eddie Royal, Malcom Floyd, or Meachem will all have the chance to emerge this season; Early looks has Meachem assuming that role, whether or not he can maintain that role is the question.

4. Titus Young – Detroit Lions
The big question in Detroit is “Who is going to get the attention off of Megatron?” Predicting a number 2 receiver on any given day is a what FF is made of. Young shows the potential to have a great season, making big plays is made easier when the defense is double/triple covering such a big threat on the other side of the field.

5. Brandon Tate –  Cincinnati Bengals
Much like my last pick, “Who is going to get the attention off of A.J.?” Early looks show that Tate will have a great year opposite Green. However that fact will be determined by Tate’s ability to make the catches needed to get that next first down. If Tate doesn’t get the job done, there are a number of new rookies ready to take his spot, not to mention Andrew Hawkins and Jordan Shipley are thirsty for that number 2 spot.

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