Golden Fantasy: Top 5 in the Unpredictable Category

Well it is that time of year again. Get out the dry erase board, Cheedos and Mountain Dew (Drink beer if you choose…I know I don’t get much done while drinking). Charge the cell phones and make sure you can find that little cord that powers that laptop, because it is time for some fantasy football drafting.

By no means am I claiming that I am an expert when it comes to FF. Any one that plays in a league with me knows that…but here is my take on a few things if you care to read. If you are new to Fantasy Football (like I was a few years ago) or if you have been playing for as long as you can remember, than you know as well as I do, that it is very easy to find a top 5 of any position ALL over the internet. So I am going to try something different. I am going to give my 5 picks at each position that I think should/may/may not have a break out year, at the least these 5 picks should be solid backups. If you miss out on nabbing one to the elites in any given position, maybe this is worth a read. Saying all this, I will most definitely provide you will a question or a rhetorical question?

Top 5 in the Unpredictable Category

1. Tim Tebow – New York Jets
Yep I went there. Everyone is watching and waiting for something to happen in New York. What crazy scheme is Rex Ryan up to now and where is Tim going to end up this season? Surely he won’t be the Jets new Special team’s specialist. Tebow is surely going to do something amazing this year….
2. Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans
I know it seems silly to even put Johnson on this list, however with a season like last year, makes it pretty easy to do so. The Titans organization seems to be talking a lot about his performance and hard work that he has been putting in during this off season. CJ should reemerge as a top 5 RB this year. “What a great fantasy pickup?”
3. Brandon Weeden – Cleveland Browns
Played well in the first preseason game. Cleveland is so thirsty for a QB and they desperately need Weeden to perform. If the chemistry between Brandon and his receivers continues to get better, we could see some good first year numbers. Will Trent Richardson provide a consistent running game to aid Weeden in creating a passing game?
4. Carson Palmer – Oakland Raiders
Once traded, Carson was the 10th-ranked fantasy QB after taking over the Oakland offence. Provided the environment, the Raiders need Carson to step up and lead the team to wins, or get eaten alive. The unstable QB position in Oakland has been ongoing for a few years now and that organization is hungry for someone to fill that spot. The question becomes, “Which Carson will we see this year?”
5. Justin Blackmon – Jacksonville Jaguars
With this kid being in trouble so much and everything that comes with the QB situation in Jacksonville, who knows what Justin’s rookie season has in store. Jacksonville reached for Blackmon in the draft and that choice has the potential to be like a set of handcuffs. If Gabbert can get the ball to him, Blackmon will find a way. “Anquan Boldin who?”

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