Golden Five – Top 5 Underrated Defensive Players

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GoldenWhat is something we all do, usually gets a rise out of other fellow bar attendees and is always fun….. the “Top 5” discussions of course.  If you are hanging out with a few buddies and the conversation runs a bit dry.  (Aka if Mac and Sudsy are both taking a drink of delicious beer.)  Throw out a “Top 5” topic to be discussed.  These topics are usually related to sports, beer, and the occasional who is the hottest chick, but nonetheless always sure to lead to promising discussions.  Everyone is entitled to his/her own version of these top five lists and these are my “Golden Five”.

5. Ahmad Brooks -OLB-San Francisco 49ers
When thinking of the 49ers LB core, names like Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith are the first two on that list. However a name that goes unnoticed is Ahmad Brooks. Brooks ties that Defense together with the ability to play as a rusher, run protection, and attack coverage packages. This ability to stay on the field for a number of different package looks is what elevates his stock on this defense.

4. Wesley Woodyard -OLB-Denver Broncos
With all of the focus on Von Miller in Denver, it is easy for Wesley to slip under the radar.  In the 2012 season, Woodyard was able to get 117 tackles, 3 interceptions, and 5.5 sacks.  The last linebacker to achieve this was Brian Urlacher in 2007.  2013 is a contract year for Woodyard and he is looking to have a repeat performance, therefore giving the Broncos another reason to pay him.  If he ends up going out into the free agency he has the ability to elevate any defense that picks him up.

3. Reshad Jones -S-Miami Dolphins
Miami has thrown a lot of cash around the league this year, bringing in new talent from other NFL teams, signing Jones to a four year extension may be one of their better moves.  With the current trajectory that Jones is on, Miami may have snagged themselves one the best safeties in the league.  With only one TD against him and 4 interceptions, he was rated the number 3 safety last year.

2. Kareem Jackson -CB-Houston Texans
J.J. Watt was huge for the Texans Defense in 2012, however there is another part of this defense that is going unnoticed.  There was only one other corner in the NFL in the 2012 season that saw more snaps than Jackson.  He was the 6th best corner when it came to catch rate towards corners that were targeted over 50 times.  Having Jackson on the opposite side of the field as Joseph is a very nice looking 1, 2 punch.

1. Geno Atkins -DT-Cincinnati Bengals
Here would be the spot to bring it up again but if J.J. Watt would have had any less of an impressive year, Geno would be the defensive player of 2012.  Geno is in a contract year and is looking to get a big payout.  With 39 tackles, 12.5 sacks, and the constant ability to blow up Offensive linemen, he will soon be on everyone’s radar and we could possibly be looking at this year’s Defensive player of the year.

I know I know a Bengal as number 1 surprise surprise. These are my top 5 and I would like to see who your top 5 are. Comment below if you have a top 5 or if you have a “top 5” topic that you would like me to weigh in on.

Coming up next I give my Golden Five – Top 5 Comeback WR’s for 2013.

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