Golden Five – Top 5 Underrated Offensive Players

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GoldenWhat is something we all do, usually gets a rise out of other fellow bar attendees and is always fun….. the “Top 5” discussions of course.  If you are hanging out with a few buddies and the conversation runs a bit dry.  (Aka if Mac and Sudsy are both taking a drink of delicious beer.)  Throw out a “Top 5” topic to be discussed.  These topics are usually related to sports, beer, and the occasional who is the hottest chick, but nonetheless always sure to lead to promising discussions.  Everyone is entitled to his/her own version of these top five lists and these are my “Golden Five”.

5. Sam Bradford – QB-St. Louis Rams
Here is a young QB that is just surrounded by a bit of bad luck.  There is a lot of potential to get to that next level, yet there is always something that seems to prevent Bradford from reaching that next step.  Whether it be an injury or just simply not having that level of talent on his team in the skill positions.  With the loss of Jackson, this year the Rams no longer have their workhorse that has carried the offence for so many years, however we may be seeing a different direction with the drafting of Austin and the signing of Cook.  With a little luck on his side, Bradford could take the Rams to the playoffs in 2013.

4. Philip Rivers -QB-San Diego Chargers
Rivers is another QB on that list that is having to deal with a string of misfortune events.  The Chargers have struggled to establish a running game these last few years and therefore Rivers is trying to force the passing game.  Rivers needs those skill positions to step up and play at a level that it takes to get wins.  With a new coaching staff and a few additions on the offensive line, Philip should be able to make a comeback this year.

3. Dwayne Bowe -WR-Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City hasn’t had a QB worth mentioning in recent years, therefore Bowe has fallen off the deep end.  The Chiefs also finished last season as the last team in the league, scoring the least amount of points.  Bowe now has a new coaching staff and a QB that hopefully can get the ball to him.  In the past Bowe has shown the ability to be a star receiver on that team, it will be interesting to see what he is capable of when given a fresh start.

2. Reggie Bush -RB-Detroit Lions
I think the Lions have had enough losing and this team is hungry for some playoff wins.  With the addition of Reggie Bush, this team is now loaded at the skill positions.  While in Miami, Bush was able to put up some very impressive numbers.  Now that the opposing team has to worry about double/triple covering Calvin, it will be very easy for Reggie to slip under the radar and go unnoticed with lots of room to work his magic.  This should lead to Bush having a very successful year, possibly the best of his career thus far.  If the Lions are able to keep everyone healthy, establish a ground game, and continue throwing the ball all over the field…Look out.

1. Mike Wallace -WR-Miami Dolphins
Wallace is a product of a bad contract situation.  In 2010 and 2011 he had very productive seasons.  With all the off field drama that took place in 2012, it is far too easy to get caught up in all that and lose focus on the field.  If Wallace can establish good chemistry with Tannahill, there could be career high numbers in their future.  Wallace has the ability to use his speed to fly past the defense, this threat down-field will help Tannahill establish and gain confidence in his passing game.  With this confidence, these two should be able to put something together and take advantage of these situations.  If Wallace continues to not let dropped passes get the best of him, I can bet we will see more 60+ yard catches than any other WR/QB pair in the NFL this season.

These are my top 5 and I would like to see who your top 5 are. Comment below if you have a top 5 or if you have a “top 5” topic that you would like me to weigh in on.

Coming up next I give my Golden Five – Top 5 Underrated Defensive Players.

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