Hard Knocked Bengals: Less Drama, More Business

  • By Golden


Last time the Cincinnati Bengals were featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks was in 2009.  The Bengals were had just finished a miserable 2008 season with a record of 4-11-1.  Its believed that Marvin Lewis signed up for Hard Knocks in an attempt to gain some of their fans back.  Apparently there was some method to his madness because the following year the Bengals went on to win their division with a record of 10-6.  The majority of NFL coaches turn down the opportunity to be featured by HBO due to the cameras drawing unwanted attention from the players.  After re-watching a few episodes from 2009, I can’t help but to be excited for what this year will bring.

The 2009 season of Hard Knocks featured a lot of Chad Ochocinco.  Any one who knows the NFL can tell you that Ocho is full of drama and he is always up to no good.  Needless to say, the season of Hard Knocks was a pretty good representation of exactly how much drama was created by number 85.  This minor distraction created from the HBO cameras in training camp, was further amplified by Ocho.

Looking forward to this year, I am excited that Hard Knocks will again feature the Bengals.  With a large portion of the drama being removed in the last few years and the addition of young talent, the Bengals are looking to get down to business.  Coach Marvin is of the opinion that having the cameras and crew of HBO at training camp will not distract players, but instead increase the level of competition among teammates.  The NFL is the most popular sporting event on TV, there will always be cameras on these players.  Why would a coach not want to have cameras present during practice, after all is it not better to practice as you were playing an actual game?  Vince Lombardi was known to tell camera men that were recording practice, to continue recording, even if they were only acting as if they were recording.  “When the eyes of the world are on someone, they’re not going to loaf through the drills.”

Going into the 2013 season, the Bengals have a lot of young talent.  I believe that this season of Hard Knocks will not be an attempt to regain fans.  This season will only broaden the spotlight on an exciting young team, that is on the brink of making a Super Bowl run.  Regardless the outcome of this season, I know that the hopelessly devoted Bengals fans will be watching their team at training camp on HBO.  Unlike all other teams, who have to settle for limited ESPN coverage.

(Hopelessly devoted Bengal fan, wishing to see a Super Bowl…oh and get a OFKL Fantasy Football win)

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