How Social Media is Ruining Sports

  • By Belch

This Saturday is the Belmont Stakes, and the chance for a Triple Crown winner for the first time in God knows how much time.

Exciting, right?


There’s no way the average sports fan is watching the race when there will be seven hashtags to give you faster updates. Twitter will explode to tell you the outcome, celebrities will be on Instagram posting big hat selfies, and there will be thousands of bloggers waiting to tell you their two cents. But this isn’t even the worst of it.

Remember when baseball games could only be watched in person? Oh the romance of baseball. Great ballads have been written to express the joy and happiness that comes with the organs, the hot dog vendors, and the experience of catching a possible fly ball.

Now what do we have?

Instant score updates, apps that tell you the score, and fantasy sports to tabulate instant scoring. If you are going head to head with a friend of yours, forget watching the actual game. Ya, you might have one game on, but the real action is betting your friend that the loser will buy shots. And that’s just baseball.

In a piece on CBS Radio, one of the hosts mentioned the fact that Jerry Jones was acting in the role of “visionary” (please hold your laughter) when he created the Cowboys stadium. True sports fans are thinking, “Oh wow, did he put full leather seats every where? No, maybe he left a signed football at every seat.”

Nope. Sorry to burst the bubble that sports are romantic.

The CBS Radio host said that Jones was a genius because he put a really big TV right in front of people. At the damn stadium. Basically saying, “Here, pay a ton of money to come in here and watch our TV. Will we be giving you food? No. Are all of your friends going to be there with you? Only if you have a spare $1,000. But feel free to use the in stadium WIFI to check your fantasy stats and tweet pictures of yourself posing next to a big F&$%ing TV.” That’s cool Jerry, I’ll stay at home.

Too many circumstances are catering to this new level of thinking (keep in mind I didn’t say higher). Baseball has a pitching clock to speed up the game because at this point, dedicating 3 hours to a sporting event is too labor intensive. “You want me to sit for three hours?” Shut up you annoying hipster and go complain that Coors Field doesn’t carry that obscure beer you love, but nobody else knows about.

Football has glorified ceremonies that were previously not celebrated. Now, I know that the Draft has been a tremendous amount of fun for those who follow the league closely, but I’m talking about the OTA media coverage. Did you know that Jimmy Garoppolo threw five INT’s this last OTA? Holy Moses, that’s it! That’s the end of the Patriots and the heaven will open for those who root against us! Stop it.

What happened to the romance that came with sports? What happened to going to a game and enjoying time with the people you love (like)? The times of buying a beer and sitting is over. It’s time to Tweet, Snapchat (not you Brett Favre), blog, stat track, complain, critique, and be an expert because Google told you something cool.

You know what I believe in? I’ll let Mr. Costner tell you…

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