Is the World Ready for Michael Sam? I don’t Know and I don’t Care!

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Should Michael Sam be drafted? Absolutely, as long as he shows he’s talented enough. There have been gay football players in the past; however, they have not revealed it until after their playing days. Is Michael Sam smart?

Maybe not…

Let’s be real here. This is a world that fines Kobe Bryant $100,000 for saying “faggot” and suspends Richie Incognito because Jonathan Martin is sensitive.

I’ve played sports since I was 3 years old and I understand what a lockerroom is like and the banter that goes on. I have been picked on for being a “nerd” as an athlete. God forbid I get a GPA and ACT score that reflects my intelligence. With that said, I endured and had fun with being made fun of and enjoyed the atmosphere, because it allowed me a forum to banter back and question my teammates I.Q. level. I had a blast as a hockey and football player and I loved every moment.

Now I coach, and it is a whole different world. Now I have to be a “responsible” coach and worry about liabilities and what might “offend” a player. Are you kidding?!?! Let natural selection reign and let’s see who can play the game and endure the locker room. It’s a mental toughness factor that I want to know…but I can’t because of liability…

What does this matter with Michael Sam? I hope Sam is drafted and we can be done with this Collins-esque nonsense. I just hope it’s the Miami Dolphins who draft him. Irony…of course! I don’t want my Dallas Cowboys drafting him! Do you think Dez “Thug-Life” Bryant will welcome him? Uh, me neither, and frankly, I’m concerned with on-the-field performance, not politics, religion, and who feels good about themselves.

The focus of the NFL is winning championships, and unfortunately Michael Sam will bring politics and religious values to the field. His dad is “old-school” and doesn’t support this and there are many Americans who don’t support “this gay thing.” I don’t care about any of it, but I don’t want distractions on the field. I have a hard time drafting a player who has baggage and to me Sam is as dangerous to a football team as a Maurice Clarett. Gang life or gay, I don’t care, but I want to put a team on the football field that will not bring baggage.

Do I hope Sam is drafted?


But I hope it’s by the Redskins, Giants, or Eagles, because there will be distractions and baggage, which I don’t want in Dallas. Do I care about orientation? No, but I care about winning, which will require FULL lockerroom support and NO sensitivity on Sam’s part if he is on an NFL squad next year.

So if the Dolphins draft him, chalk up another year to the loss column, but if Belichick gets him, the Patriots will, once again, be something special.

4 years ago
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