Look Out: Fourth July Vollyball Throw Down

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Look Out: Fourth July Vollyball Throw Down

 Mac/Whirly vs. Sudsy/J*Rod

Well every year the writers hold a Fourth of July BBQ and this year we had time to write about the annual lawn volley ball match. The teams this year were Mac/Whirly vs. Sudsy/JRod. Not a bad lineup up.


Height: 5’11

Weight: 215

Special Skills: Elora (A time stalling technique where he calls on this entity to slow down the game)

Other skills: Hustle and great reflexes


Height: 6’2

Weight: 285

Special Skills: Power paw (At the point the ball is set he strikes the ball like “the power punch in battle toads” with earth shattering supremacy)

Other Skills: Annoy Mac by not trying but distracting other team into a web of later crushing blows. He also serves the ball like a Whirlwind.


Height: 5’8

Weight: 210

Special Skill: Wifey Intuition (He communicates much much better than any man should.)

Other Skills: The dig and set master. He leaves great balls to kill over the net.


Height: 5’9

Weight: 200

Special Skill: Ice Breaker (Leaves the weirdest thoughts in your head to ease his teammate but leaves the other team going “wait hold on.”)

Other Skills: wicked quick and helps the game go quicker by chasing balls.

Game 1:

(15-6 Sudsy/J*Rod

Well not to take away from Suds and Jrod win but Mac and Whirly failed to play the game simple. Elora was used to often and Whirly’s Power Paw just didn’t sink into a rhythm. Just too many miss cues and Whirly’s dead legs couldn’t get the job done. Sickening game really.

Game 2:

(15-8) Mac/Whirly

This was a much better game. Mac and Whirly played more simple and Power Paw created devastation all around the roped off lawn court thing. Oh, Whirly also had some breath taking serves as in the whole crowd was like “man you actually hit a target.” Mac and Whirly had to fight off a late surge but got the job done.

Rubber Match Game 3:

(15-12) – Sudsy/J*Rod

Game set match. Mac and Whirly dug a big hole but managed to keep the game within distance. Man, Suds’s Wifey Intuition power worked because those two were on the same page everywhere they went. The J*Rod Icebreaker helped keep them nice and relaxed and Mac and Whirly just pondered away giving away soft points.

Final Thoughts

This was a fun match and hopefully Mac and Whirly can return the favor next year. Happy Fourth of July everybody.

PS: Use Sunscreen everywhere, my neck was sooo fried.

3 years ago
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