NFL Draft 102

So I’m a self admitted Draft junkie…. I just can’t get enough.  With the combine going on right now, my big board is changing almost every minute.  I had to write something about the draft.  Since I need to finish the combine before redoing my draft board, and in turn another new Mock Draft… (I may get fired up and go 4 rounds) I figured I’d take a look at the draft order right now.

Obviously the draft will include trades which will change the order, but right now, here is the current order of the upcoming NFL Draft!

Round 1

Round 1 has some interesting moves…. Miami won the coin toss over Carolina to take the #8 pick, and Kansas City won their coin toss over Seattle for pick #11.   Also Atlanta has sent their first round pick (#22)to Cleveland in last year’s Julio Jones Trade.  New Orleans has sent their first round pick (#27) to New England in last years Mark Ingram trade, and finally Oakland has sent Cincinnati their first round pick (#17) for Carson Palmer this past trade deadline.

1. Indianapolis
2. St. Louis
3. Minnesota
4. Cleveland
5. Tampa Bay
6. Washington
7. Jacksonville
8. Miami
9. Carolina
10. Buffalo
11. Kansas City
12. Seattle
13. Arizona
14. Dallas
15. Philadelphia
16. New York Jets
17. Cincinnati (From Oakland)
18. San Diego
19. Chicago
20. Tennessee
21. Cincinnati
22. Cleveland (From Atlanta)
23. Detroit
24. Pittsburgh
25. Denver
26. Houston
27. New England (From New Orleans)
28. Green Bay
29. Baltimore
30. San Francisco
31. New England
32. New York Giants

Round 2

This round also has two trades in it, with New England getting Oakland’s 2nd round pick (#16 in round 2) for the Barksdale trade.  Also Philadelphia gets Arizona’s second round pick (#19) for the Kevin Kolb deal…. what a steal!

Round 3

Only 1 trade to speak of here, as Carolina sends their 3rd round pick to Chicago (#10 in the 3rd round) for Greg Olson.  The other interesting thing here, is that Oakland is without their 3rd round pick also for using it on Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft earlier this past season.  So for those of you keeping count, yup…. Oakland has no 1st, 2nd or 3rd round picks.

Round 4

Round 4 gets interesting…. Cleveland gets Atlanta’s pick for another part to the Julio Jones trade last draft, and Buffalo has Baltimore’s pick for Lee Evans.  Oakland sends theirs to Washington for the Jason Campbell trade.  (is that no 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!?  Yes it is, and what is so amazing is 3 of them are spent on QBs!  Palmer – 1st, Pryor – 3rd, Campbell – 4th)  To round it out Philadelphia gets Tampa Bay’s 4th round pick for the Luke Stocker trade.

Round 5

Talk about a steal, Seattle sends it’s 5th round pick to Buffalo to complete the Marshawn Lynch trade…. Crazy.  Also New England sends their 5th round pick to Cincinnati for Chad Ochocinco.  Also in a weird trade the Broncos get St. Louis 5th for Brandon Lloyd, although now it looks like St. Louis will loose him to Free Agency and get a 5th back as compensation.

Round 6

Round 6 starts out with a bang as New Orleans and Miami switch picks for to finish the Reggie Bush trade.  But New Orleans gets another pick from Washington for unloading Jammal Brown.  Da’ Eagles also get another late pick for trading Joe Mays to Denver.   New England gets a pick back from Philadelphia for Tracy White…(continued in round 7)

Round 7

#4 overall pick Aaron Curry by Seattle was sent to Oakland for a simple 7th round pick…. sad.   Also New England sent their 7th to the Cheifs for Jarrad Page.  Now this one gets interesting.  Philadelphia also send their 7th to New England to complete the Tracy White trade from round 6.  BUT, New England has to give that pick to Minnesota as part of the old Randy Moss trade.

Got it all?  Good.  No doubt there will be more trading going on.  Will Jackson net Philadelphia more draft picks, will Matt Flynn be franchised and get traded for picks (ala Matt Cassell)?  What about the upcoming RG3 trade… someone is going to trade up to get him at #2 from St. Louis.  Who will do it and what will they trade.  As you can see this year’s draft is already been traded all around, with much much more to come.  I don’t know about you, but I bet New England trades down!  And hey, lets see Oakland make a trade for another QB!

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