NHL Playoffs Cup Finals Predictions

  • By MacMac

It’s the final countdown… I mean round.

It’s been an awesome playoffs, there truly is nothing like playoff hockey.  But there are two left and as Connor MacLeod said “There can be only one.”

Lets review…

2015 NHL Playoffs

My first round predictions were struggled, as I went 4-4… a meek .500….

But a big 3-1 showing in my second round predictions got me to a 7-5

The frozen four of the NHL left me 1-1 as I didn’t pick Tampa… my third round predictions.

So overall I’m 8-6 going into the finals!

Chicago vs. Tampa Bay

I have gone back and forth on my predictions for this series.  The experience of the Black hawks vs. the speed of the Lightning.

It’s easy to say whichever goalie plays better will win this series, but frankly I don’t see either goalie not playing well.

Both teams are well coached and make adjustments as the series goes on.

The one thing that jumps out at me the most is how Chicago seams to get better as each series goes along.  In the Anaheim series I wasn’t sure if Chicago was ever going to touch the puck!  Then at the end of the seires it was like Chicago always had the puck.

For me I think Duncan Keith is the difference, he is a monster out there and the best player for the Hawks and maybe the playoffs.  I see a close series early but the Hawks slowly take over and evetually win… but like against the Ducks.

Black hawks in 6

Enjoy the dynasty…. 3 in 6… wow

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