Okay MLB, Enough Already

  • By Sudsy

SudsyIn light of the most recent PED scandal evolving Ryan Braun I feel I need to say my peace.   Some might be surprised by my view on this but I believe 99% of the blame is on the MLB.  The MLB is the premier level of baseball in the world, they attract the highest level of talent and that talent commands the highest pay in Baseball.  The MLB, unlike the NFL, guarantees the money signed for in their contacts which has led to some contracts that are hard for teams to swallow from time to time. (Cough, Cough Yankees)

So what has this culture created?  Well, Homeruns sell tickets, Homeruns create viewers, and Homeruns brought the MLB back from the brink of obscurity in the late 90’s.  So how do players make up that distance from a long fly ball out into a base-circling, ticket-selling, viewer-creating Homerun?  Yep, you got it, PED’s.  And what is the result of a player adding 10,15,20 Homeruns to their previous yearly averages …….. millions and millions of dollars.  It doesn’t matter how you get there, just don’t get caught until after you sign on the dotted line.

So how does the MLB change this PED culture?  Well, let’s look back on what created it in the first place.

Really good Baseball player = 10 to 25 Homeruns/year = 1-3 million/year salary.

Really good Baseball player + PED’s = 25 to 45 Homeruns/year = 10+ million/year salary.

You do the math, if getting caught using PED’s would result in……. I don’t know voiding your current contract along with a one year ban (or longer) you might actually get the message across.  But right now as I see it, kudos to Ryan Braun, you cheated long enough and didn’t get caught; you are the winner of $105,000,000.

I guess my final point is this, if PED’s are illegal in MLB then make the penalties so harsh that there is no reason to ever even risk using them.


Stop testing for them completely, turn a true blind eye, and make it an even playing field so that everyone in the majors will be using some form of PED’s.  Heck while you’re at it, let’s allow composite triple walled bats. Let’s have Bryce Harper’s dad go out and be the full time pitcher and throw BP to the batters all game long from behind a safety net.  Let’s start seeing 15 run innings and Basketball type scores.  I’m fine with either, but enough with this half way crap.  In the words of Mr. Miyagi “Walk on one side road, Okay.  Walk on other side road, Okay.  Walk down middle of road, SQUISH, just like grape”

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