Opening Day Recap

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Opening Day Recap

Nothing really says boring and exciting at the same exact time like Opening Day in baseball. It’s the one day a year that true sports fans can really just sit and enjoy the festivities and nostalgia of the first pitch, while those who can’t stand sports take a nap. ESPN had four baseball games back-to-back, and as a fan of sports, I was in heaven. For some teams, Opening Day means that you’re team isn’t in last place; for others, we get a look at a World Series contender for the first time.

The offseason was hectic for a lot of teams. Some were buyers (Red Sox, Nationals, Padres?) and some were sellers (Rays, A’s, and Phillies). The short and long term plans for certain teams played out right in front of our eyes and what came out of it was an excitement for this season’s opener unlike any other season. How good would the Nationals be? Will the Phillies ever make the kind of trade they want for Cole Hamels?

Then Boom.

The first pitch is thrown, and even if you didn’t attend a ball game in person, you were instantly transported to summer. Hot dogs and beer are now the national food and drink of choice and the stat trackers are in heaven. Fantasy owners found out whether or not that 8th round sleeper was worth the pick, and every journalist in America worked hard to find a story.

Here’s what I found.

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