Please Mayweather, No Rematch

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I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the fight. I knew going in that not only did I not have $100 to spend in an hour that didn’t include getting my fiancée a lap dance, I didn’t care. Five years ago Manny Pacquiao and “Money” Mayweather could have had the fight of the century, but now its just two old dudes fighting.

Did anyone watch that weird Robert DeNiro, Sylvester Stallone movie where they fought?

Probably not, and certainly nobody paid $100 dollars for it. Now that the canes have been removed from the MGM Grand and the dust from the brittle broken bones has settled, there is already talks of a rematch. Please don’t.

Boxing is a dying sport. As much as I would like to sit here and defend one of the world’s oldest sports, I just can’t. Just like soccer will never be popular in the USA because of football, neither will boxing because of MMA. MMA is faster, people bleed and get knocked out; really, it’s just the way better version of something that was flawed from the beginning.

So let’s get to Manny and Mayweather, please don’t ever get together again. Both of you should just walk into the sunset light Mike Tyson (actually if you could actually disappear that would be better). Take the payday that you just got and stop ruining the sport of boxing.

Yes, I just said that the sport is dying, but you two aren’t helping.

Want to play a sport where you play defense for an entire event, Mayweather? Take up table tennis. Do you want to complain about your arm after a fight, Manny? Stick to basketball, but for the love of God can you do it in America? I would love to watch the revival of midget basketball.
It’s done for you two, and the sport of boxing has never been better off. Take these two old guys out of the equation and what do you get?

Young, fierce fighters that are chomping at the bit to prove their worth.

No twelve round dance-offs.

No excuses.

These young guys are ready to come in and put some one down. All hail the ten-counts, all hail the knockout.

3 years ago
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