President Anthopoulos?

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For the record. I’ve been on Anthopoulos’ bandwagon for some time now.  Finally, everyone else is!

I just hope the Jays are all in…. on him.

Blue Jays… listen up. Sign Anthopoulos to a GM extension.  Don’t make him the President.

While I’m sure he would do a great job, I’d rather see him continue building this Jay’s team.  You can look at his trade history, and see more hits than misses.

But more than that, Jay’s are relevant .  They are no longer that bump in the road for whomever wins the AL East.  They are relevant with $146 million payroll. Now small market teams will balk at that number, but when you consider that number is below the league average… it’s something.

The Dodgers have over $300 million payroll…with something like $80 million in dead money.

Everyone knows the Jays are set up to win now, but the reason I want him to stay at GM is what he has set up for the future.

Yes, the Jays have traded away top prospects like: Syndergaard, Hoffman and Norris… just to name a few.  But it’s not like the future is bleak.   Anthopoulos once said prospects can be viewed in two ways, future core, or trade chips.

So if you have a core already, why build another one?    When you look at the Jays future you see this:

Martin signed long term, Tulowitzki signed long term and Donaldson signed for a bit longer.  The core of the teams lineup is set for the future.  Even if the Jays loose Bautista and Encarnacion after next season.

With the money the team is making now with attendance… maybe they can sign one, or both.

The question is pitching… The current staff now won’t have Dickey, Price and Buehrle for the future.

But the future…

1. Stroman
2. Sanchez
3. Hutchinson
4. Osuna.

All 25 years old or younger.   Not to mention, he has drafted pitchers almost exclusively in the draft.  Young arms are still on the way up like Harris and Reid-Foley.

No doubt he’ll add more arms.  The core of the rotation looks strong for years to come.  Not to mention this highly toted position prospects: Pompay, Alford, Pentecost and Guerrero Jr!

So while the Jays don’t have the best farm system in baseball, they don’t need it for the next few years.

When you look at the Jays team and farm system before Anthopoulos, to now it’s amazing the improvement across the board!

Let someone else improve the stadium, the marketing, leave the baseball to Anthopoulos.

People will point to him not getting the Jays to the playoffs as a detractor.  I don’t  They have won more games in the 5 years he’s been GM then any 5 years before him since the World Series of ’93.

The biggest free agent the Jays could sign this off season is Anthopoulos

Get it done now.

In AA we Trust!

3 years ago
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