Roadhouse 2012 NBA Mock Draft 3.0

OK, the NBA lottery has passed, pretty surprising one at that. Changes a lot of my picks. Here we go…

1. New Orleans Hornets: Anthony Davis – C – Kentucky
#1 no matter what. In my opinion, best #1 since Derrick Rose

2. Charlotte Bobcats: Andre Drummond – C – Uconn
Next best big, NBA ready. Hopefully MJ lets someone else make the decisions

3. Washington Wizards: Michael Kid Gilchrist – SF – Kentucky
Their biggest need is a good SF, perfect fit.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Thomas Robinson – PF – Kansas
Strong, athletic, ready to start now

5. Sacramento Kings(from bucks): Jared Sullinger -PF – Ohio State
Him and Cousins, big bodies up front

6. Portland Blazers(from nets): John Henson – PF – North Carolina
Long, athletic, shot blocker, rebounder

7. Golden State Warriors: Bradley Beal – SG – Florida
Best SG in the draft, best player here.

8. Toronto Raptors: Harrison Barnes – SF – North Carolina
They need a star, he’ll be one for sure

9. Detroit Pistons: Jeremy Lamb – SG – Uconn
Best player here, can play 1,2, or 3

10. New Orleans Hornets(from wolves): Kendall Marshall – PG – North Carolina
Best court vision out of anybody in the whole draft. Good passer for Davis

11. Portland Blazers: Damian Lillard – PG – Weber State
2nd best PG in the draft, could be their future guy

12. Milwaukee Bucks: Perry Jones – PF – Baylor
Might go earlier, future all-star

13. Phoenix Suns: Austin Rivers – SG – Duke
Upgrade, and he has mad potential

14. Houston Rockets: Tyler Zeller – C – North Carolina
7 footer, who plays good D, and adds depth

15. Philadelphia 76ers: Terrence Ross – SG -Washington
They really need a scorer, can play 2 or 3

16.Houston Rockets(from Knicks): Terrence Jones – PF – Kentucky
Best here, should have gone earlier. Super athletic

17. Dallas Mavericks: Dion Waiters – SG – Syracuse
They could do a lot here, He’s an underrated 2

18. Minnesota T-Wolves(from jazz): Meyers Leonard – C – Illinois
Good big, takes pressure off of Love.

19. Orlando Magic: Quincy Miller – SF – Baylor
They need a playmaker.

20. Denver Nuggets: Evan Fournier – SG – France
Not much needs. They stay foreign. he’s the best foreign player

21. Boston Celtics: Fab Melo – C – Syracuse
They’ve needed a good big defender since they traded Perkins

22. Boston Celtics(from clippers): Arnett Moultrie – PF – Miss. St
Size is what they need

23. Atlanta Hawks: Moe Harkless – SF – St. Johns
Depth at 2 and 3

24. Cleveland Cavaliers: Jeff Taylor – SF – Vanderbilt
Great athlete, Kyrie needs help

25. Memphis Grizzlies: Festus Ezeli – C – Vanderbilt
Good C off the bench

26. Indiana Pacers: Draymond Green – SF – Michigan St.
Great for defense, underrated offense too

27. Miami Heat: Dusan Cantekin – C – Syrbia
He’s 7’4, they NEED a big guy

28. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kyle O’Quinn – C – Norfolk State

29. Chicago Bulls: Marquis Teague – PG – Kentucky
Don’t know how he fell this far, if Rose is healthy, that’s a good combo

30. Golden State Warriors(from spurs): Tony Wroten Jr. – PG – Washington
Best out there, big for a PG. If he shoots better, could be deadly

There it was, totally different than before. I’m gonna wait a while, I’m sure there will be more trades in the mean time. There’s also free agency to shake things up a little bit. Hope you like it, see you soon…


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