Showdown: What is the best Golf Movie?

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What is the best Golf Movie?

That question has been given to both Golden and J*Rod, you get to decided who wins the show down with the vote at the end!  May the best argument win!

Let the showdown begin!  May the best argument win…

  • GoldenBy Golden

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is my choice for best golf movie.  Now there are many reasons as to why this is a good movie, I just simply choose to start with this reason.  Happy Gilmore was known for Adam Sandler.

He stared in and was also one of the writers for this movie.  No doubt he made the movie funny.  However Julie Bowen was the “talent”, she used this movie to accelerate her career.  For those of you that haven’t seen the movie or it’s been a few years, let me just jog your memory. Julie Bowen. (Pic below)  (The new “Mac Sports and Suds” mascot). She is better known for these days as Claire Dunphy. Hollywood has done sooo many things for Mrs. Dunphy.

Julie_Bowen_-_Happy_GilmoreNow if I need another reason for why Happy Gilmore is a great golf movie, I would like to point out all of the stories of overcoming difficult odds.  Happy Gilmore is a Hockey player that uses his hockey skills to help with his golf game.  Happy’s coach overcomes his fear, from when he lost his hand, to teach again and which leads to him learning to love the game again, just before he inevitably dies, thus making it only that much harder on Happy.

And….the home team ends up winning Grandma’s house back, saving her from a creepy nursing home experience.  A simple story of good vs. evil where good wins in the end, OH ya and there is quite a bit of golf mixed in.

Golf can be a fun, exciting, frustrating, a huge headache, exhausting, time consuming, and expensive game. I think this movie brings a little of each of these components to light.

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