Showdown: What is the best Golf Movie?

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  • JRodBy J*Rod

When you’re looking at quality golf movies. The Greatest Game Ever Played has it all.  I mean, come on; it’s there in the title! They dry humor of Shia Lebeouf playing Fracis Ouimet along with the likability that comes with his 10-year old caddy, Eddie, make a team anybody would root for.

There’s the separation of classes which has been an obstacle for years in this country, and a young boy trying to become a man. One of the things that makes this movie so good, is that you don’t have to be a golfer to appreciate the achievements reached here. Golf enthusiasts enjoy this movie along with the entire family.Peyton_List-And lets not forget the gorgeous Peyton List! A great movie needs a jaw dropping women, and this movie has that!

With humor, family values, a hero, and a few characters you love to hate, Disney sports does it again with The Greatest Game Ever Played, the best golf movie out there.

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