Which Beer is Better, Bud Light or Coors Light?

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Which beer is better, Bud Light or Coors Light?

That question has been given to both Whirly and JNov, you get to decided who wins the show down with the vote at the end!
Let the showdown begin!  May the best argument win…

WhirlyBud Light – Whirly

All right, I want to make this quick and painless as possible. I don’t want to lull you to sleep like Jnov with his over killing and filibustering antics. Bud Light is simply better in the fact that its marketing techniques are more tangible than Coors Light cold approach. Bud Light feels that the beer they provide will create a fun experience while Coors Light is trying to bank off the fact that there beer is better cold (well duh, any beer that is cold is a good beer).

The next point is that Bud Light can be enjoyed around the world (yes people drink warm beer in other countries) opposed to Coors Light where it can only be refreshing when the beer is cold and can’t handle other conditions. The presentation of commercials is more fun and stay with you for a lifetime for Bud Light. I remember the “I love you Man” series and the office cursing on purpose to fill the jar up to get Bud Light commercial. Coors Light uses a hack rapper Ice Cube that gets beat up by a can (whoopi freaking due).

Bud Light fits the billing in the party department because I can have three beers and feel satisfied but Coors Light I have a 2 day after taste (probably from all the left over skeletons from Pete Coors failed political campaign). Bud Light does create good times because fun stories come out of drinking the beer. The only three consistent people that drink Coors Light are old men on front porch with a shot gun, the creepy loner at the end of the bar, and the pathetic married guy that got married to the first girl that wanted to play with his “you know what.”

Last and simplest of arguments is that Bud Light was on the list of major sponsors for the NFL last season. Coors light made a deal with Detroit Pistons (just one team) next year. That NFL season saw great things but Coors Light wants to go after a NBA team. The NBA playoffs are a joke so far with two LA teams getting eliminated by excuses and the other by lack of depth to support a future Harlem Globetrotter (Blake Griffin).

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