Which Beer is Better, Bud Light or Coors Light?

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Why is Coors Light better than Bud Light? Simple, Coors has a train that brings magical cool breezes with stunning woman drinking beer and bringing festivities wherever the train goes! Does Budweiser have a train? No. All Budweiser has are some frogs… and who wants to drink light beer in the middle of a swamp with frogs? A crazy person, that is who, and I for one do not want to drink beer with crazy people.

Moreover, speaking of hot and humid swamps, Coors has a cold activated bottle that lets you be sure you are not drinking warm nasty beer. However, Budweiser is such bad beer that it does not even matter if it is cold or hot, hence the lack of a cold activated bottle. So even if you find yourself in a hot and humid swamp, you can be assured you will still be drinking a cold beer that will comfort the body from head to toe.

When you want good wine, you look to the French and California. When you want good chocolate, you look to Belgium. When you look for ways to protect your money, you go to the Swiss… When you want good beer, you look to the Germans. Adolph Coors was a German immigrant who came to Colorado and created the beer recipe that we drink today. Budweiser, on the other hand, was created by a man from the Czech Republic (formerly known as Bohemia)…  And what are the Czech known for? Puppets… Do not drink beer from a puppet master, only bad things can happen to you.

Lastly, just look at the attached photo. Whom would you rather drink with, the beautiful women who drink Coors, or the frog painted women who drink Budweiser. The answer is clear. Coors Light is better than Budweiser Light… (even saying the full name of Budweiser Light doesn’t fit.) Thus, vote for the beer that brings you happiness, not crazy people. Vote Coors Light.

 Which do you like better?  Comment below!

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