Spieth-tacular Finish: U.S. Open Review

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The second major of the 2015 PGA season has come to an end and it what a dramatic fashion.  First of all, let me comment on the appearance and the quality of the golf course.  Chalmers Bay was a wonderful venue for the latest edition of the U. S. Open and gave us a very exciting 4 days of competition.

To no one’s surprise, Tiger tanked.  I speak for everyone in the golf watching world when I say…. “Tiger….buddy…..you gotta call Butch,” (Butch Harmon was Tiger’s swing coach for so many years, especially those when he was so dominant and Tiger really hasn’t been the same since “tweaking” his swing with all the other numbskulls he has hired as a coach).  But alas, this is not an article about Tiger, SPOILER ALERT, it is praise for my man Jordan Spieth.

Now for any of you who are not familiar with the U.S. Open (golf that is….not that stupid tennis tournament that no one cares about), the overwhelming statements about our Nation’s tournament is that a winning score for the tournament is typically even par or somewhere North of the par score (meaning these players FINALLY feel like any one of us shooting bogey or worse golf).

The rough is like a dense Amazon jungle, the greens are as fast an Indy 500 racing car and the pressure to win OUR NATION’S TOURNAMENT is as intensive as the guy running all the instruments with his muscles in the Old Spice commercial.  Sufficient to say, the gold courses chosen for this tournament are a little “difficult.”

Jordan started out the week the reigning Masters champion hoping to add a second major to his victory tour in 2015.  Spieth played a very solid and consistent first 2 rounds while keeping close to the top of the leaderboard.  Spieth managed the golf course with grace and pose beyond his years as though he has been here before.

In fact, on Friday and Saturday Spieth nearly missed so many putts he should take up horseshoes or hand grenades (as the old saying goes…..close only counts in…..well you get the idea).  But Spieth continued to hang around and hang around, even leading by 2 strokes on the final day for a period of time.

Coming into the 16th hole, Spieth seemed to have it all figured out when he made birdie there to reach the 2 stroke lead over Louis Oosthuizen (seriously?!?!….are they just making up names there in South Africa now?).

The hiccup would come on the next hole when Spieth would make a double bogey and drop him to -4 in a tie with Oosthuizen (man what a stupid name to have to keep writing) and 2 other players.  Jordan would regain his composure to make birdie on the final hole, again after nearly missing another solid putt for eagle, to end his tournament at -5.

The real excitement (not like being chased by a giant dinosaur in a 3-D movie theater…..Jurassic World was amazing and I do recommend it) came as Dustin Johnson came to the 18th hole with a chance to force a playoff if he could maneuver the difficult par 5 and make birdie.  Dustin Johnson blasted a gigantor (bigger and longer than humongous) drive to where he was hitting an iron….AN IRON ladies and gentlemen, to the green.

Johnson hit a very solid shot and was approximately 10-12 feet (not too sure because with all the technology that FOX SPORTS used to show swing planes and ball flight they still cannot seem to figure out a way to show the distance of a putt….grrr…..but I digress) left of the hole.

And so the drama mounts…..dun dun daaaa…..Johnson lines up the putt, address the ball and hits his putt.  OH SO CLOSE!! Johnson nearly misses, but it seems that he has a very short clean up putt to force the playoff.

Now for all of you that have ever played golf with me (and it is sad that so few of you have because I am riot to play golf with….just ask my buddy Jerred who seems to think I am his caddy or something) you know that I always make the comment, “there are a few pickles left in the jar,” to indicate that those types of putts are not a given, even for a PROFESSIONAL golfer.

Sure enough, Johnson was squarely in 3-putt territory and missed the putt coming back giving the trophy and the win to Spieth.

So many will say that Spieth was given a gift, and who knows what would have happened if the playoff would have been forced.  I argue and state for the record that Spieth put himself into the position to win and like so many other champions have waited for a falter on a competitor’s part to take home the prize.

I do think that Spieth played very well and I think that it is a good tune up for the British Open as the golf course has a very similar outlook and feel (minus the nearly 40 mph winds that seem to always blow across the pond).

Two PGA major tournaments played…..Jordan Spieth 2 for 2 in the win category.  Now I am not saying that we are going to have a Grand Slam winner but he is making watching the next two majors pretty interesting for sure.

I would just like to point out that in my infinite golfsdom (that is wisdom about golf for those of you who didn’t see what I just did there), Jordan Spieth was a name that I pointed out many articles ago as a name to watch for on the PGA Tour.  Spieth has all the tools of a champion, his head, his talent and his pose that he could challenge to be the only other winner of golf’s TRUE grand slam.

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty pumped for the British Open next month.  I mean not only is there golf on the tele at 7 am (thank you to our friends across the pond for the time zones and such), but it is another opportunity to watch Mr. Spieth wow us with his amazing golf game.

Until then, I guess I am just gonna continue to read these soccer score cards from Whirly or whatever rant about A-rod that Belch wants to get on.  Anywho, ta ta for now and as always carry on smartly cadets and keep it in the short grass.  FORE!!

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