Suck for Luck Update 2

I posted well before the season the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes…. how each team looked at acquiring the prized QB.  Obviously if Luck pulls an Eli Manning and demands a trade, that changes everything.  We’ll assume the #1 pick out of Stanford doesn’t demand a trade from Indianapolis (so he doesn’t sit behind Manning) to Denver…. Wait have we seen that before.   Of course if it goes the other way and Denver gets the number one pick and Luck demands a trade, it would only make sense for Elway to trade him to Indianapolis the team he spurned all those years ago!  That’s just fun.

Now after week 7, let’s get an update!

Prime Position:

Miami Dolphins (0-6)
Remaining Schedule: NYG, KC, Wash, Buf, Dal, Oak, Phil, Buf, NE, NYJ

With Miami’s collapse to Tebow and the broncos the dolphins are in full self-destruct mode.  As a team in most need of a QB, they seem to be leading the way for Luck.  Looking at the remaining schedule you don’t see many opportunities for wins.

Outlook: Only Philly is below .500 the rest of the way…. ouch

Indianapolis Colts (0-7)
Remaining Schedule: Ten, Atl, Jack, Carol, NE, Balt, Ten, Hou, Jac

After almost winning several games everything blew up in their face against New Orleans.    Jacksonville could be a pair of wins.

Outlook: Everything rides on Manning; if he’s back it doesn’t seem likely they get Luck.

St. Louis Rams (0-6)
Remaining Schedule: NO, Ari, Cle, Sea, Ari, SF, Sea, Cin, Pitt, SF

Sure their 0-6, but have a young QB.  And looking at the remaining schedule there are several win possibilities.  (2 Arizona, Cleveland, 2 Seattle)

Outlook: Very unlikely with Bradford on the roster

Just off the Mark:

Minnesota (1-6)
Remaining Schedule: Car, GB, Oak, Atl, Den, Det, NO, Was, Chi

The Ponder era has begun, how quick will it be?  The longer they stayed with McNabb the worst their chances for Luck got, because of the #12 pick sitting on the bench.  Now that Ponder is playing… we shall see.

Outlook: Unless the coach gets fired, Ponder starts next season.

Arizona (1-5)
Remaining Schedule: Bal, StL, Phi, SF, StL, Dal, SF, Cle, Cin, Sea

Kolb has been shaky, but not dreadful (See Tebow first 3 quarters), however the record suggests they may look for a change.  Kolb is being paid well, and they gave up a second round pick and Pro Bowl Corner.

Outlook: Unless the coach gets fired, this regime has hitched their star to Kolb

Still in the Hunt:

Denver (2-4)
Remaining Schedule: Det, Oak, KC, NYJ, SD, Min, Chi, NE, Buf, KC

Tebow helped his case to remain in Denver with a win Sunday.  Elway and the front office don’t seem intent on giving him a chance to win.  However with 2 wins already Denver is only 1 win away from making the division interesting.

Outlook: Still very possible, Tebow flops they go get Luck.

Jacksonville (2-5)
Remaining Schedule: Hou, Ind, Cle, Hou, SD, TB, Atl, Ten, Ind

Like Minnesota they traded up to take a QB at 10 last year in Gabbert.  And he just led them to an ugly win over Baltimore.  Allot will depend on Gabbert and the rest of the season to see if their true Luck competitors.

Outlook: Unless there is a coaching change, Gabbert is their man.

Seattle: (2-4)
Remaining Schedule: Cin, Dal, Bal, StL, Was, Phi, StL, Chi, SF, Ari

Seattle has won 2 games with smoke and mirrors; somehow Jackson looks to be the stronger QB.  The rest of the season’s magic show will determine.

Outlook: Record or not, this team is in the hunt and needs a QB bad.

Philadelphia (2-4)
Remaining Schedule: Dal, Chi, Ari, NY, NE, Sea, Mia, NY, Dal, Was

They’ve had a rough start to the season, but are a veteran team and unless they un characteristically implode they’ll be off this list soon.

Outlook: There to good, they’ll win enough games to be out of the Luck sweepstakes soon

Carolina (2-5)
Remaining Schedule: Min, Ten, Det, Ind, TB, Atl, Hou, TB, NO

Cam Newton looks like a keeper.  Improving the team around him will only help their record.

Outlook: In Cam we Trust


Based on need, recent play, current and future QB options, looks like the order right now is:
1. Miami
2. Indianapolis
3. Seattle
4. Denver

Who knows someone might just get Lucky….

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