Tannehill’s Contract Shows Vision

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Today the Miami Dolphins signed Quarterback Ryan Tanehill to a contract extension through 2020.  Some like the move, others don’t.  But one thing is for sure, Miami has a plan…. finally.

For years the Dolphins use to fly by the seat of their pants….. ex: Trade two 2nd round picks for Marshall, then ship him off for two 3rds.

Now they have a player to hang their hat on.

Someone you can buy a jersey of and not worry about him being traded to Minnestoa two years later… I guess I’m not wearing my Wallace jersey much now.

Wait Parker is now #11!   New Name Plate!!

Sorry…. Back on topic

Several things strike me with this contract.

  1. Contracts are for future production.  I’m reading all these article saying he isn’t worth the money.  Or he hasn’t proven it yet.  That’s true.  But you pay a player for what you project, not what he’s done.  Teams make that mistake all the time.  I hear “what else could he do to get paid?”, it doesn’t matter what has been done in the past, only the future.   The Marshan Lynch contract looks like a paying for the past contract.  Tannehill’s is a future contract.  It may work, it may not…. but I like the vision.
  2. I like making this deal after the draft.  You didn’t know if you were getting Davante Parker or not.  Tannahill’s production looks brighter now after teh draft.
  3. He is a franchise quarterback.  Now, let me clarify he is not a hall of famer.  But in the current NFL, finding a QB of Tanehill’s calibir is hard.  Just look ask Cleveland, or Buffalo, or the Jets, Redskins, Titans, Cardnials, etc…  You get the point.  He’s not Marino, Manning or Brady… but he is the guy.  A franchise quarterback is just that, a franchise leader.  Not one of the greatest of all time, or even one of the greatest in the league now.
  4. There is nothing better out there.  I’m sure Miami would love to upgrade the ir QB play… but Rogers isn’t availible, neither is Luck.  So who then?  Sanchez?  Tebow?  Who is out there, no one.
  5. Luck and Wilson will set market.  With signing Tanehill now they avoid his agent using the incoming monster contracts to Luck and Wilson as a template.  (Same draft as Tanehill)

It may turn out to be a bad contract, but there is no way it’s worst than the previous 15 seasons Miami limped through before they made Tannehill the #7 pick.

There is one other reason this contract extension is good…
Mrs. Tanehill
Did I say good? – I meant Brilliant!

We get many more years of seeing Lauren Tannehill!   Now that’s what I call vision!

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