Tebow and The Hoodie

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  • By Belch

BelchTim Tebow is in camp for the New England Patriots, and even though the Jets will actually be paying more against cap space, the Patriots are definitely going to get to use him more. Let’s say for a second that Tim Tebow actually makes the 53 man roster; New England would be carrying three quarterbacks. Given Belichik’s never-ending desire to carry more defensive backs than available jersey numbers, saying Tebow holds his #5 into the regular season is anything but a lock. Bill knows what he wants to do with Tim Tebow, but is being the best third string QB and a mediocre (at best) special teams player worth keeping around? I say there is no more important player to New England than Tebow. As outlined in a previous article, Tebow has the will to win that only Tom Brady seems to possess, and with Bill Belichik’s play design and genius, Tebow can prove valuable.

I think the main problem for most teams considering adding Tebow would be assigning his role. Now, the Patriots have him listed at QB, but if Bill could just slap a big “U” next to his name, you know he would. So far it seems that Bill has done just that. No reports from mini-camps indicate another position than QB, but it seems that any other article ever written says that Tebow could add to tail back or tight end depth. Unless you’re just going to throw him a screen every time he steps on the field, I don’t see him catching passes. He has yet to be a proven blocker or receiver to make me feel safe with a #5 lining up next to Nate Solder. I think Tebow’s greatest role might be some kind of “player-coach” role. Third string quarterbacks aren’t expected to contribute much, which is probably why the Patriots didn’t carry one last season. I say, let the guy fight for roster spots as long as he is physically capable, but keep Tebow as close as possible. When Tebow decides to finally hang up his cleats, Tim can seamlessly move into an assistant coaching/front office role. Tom Brady will be the play caller from day one until he decides to call it quits, leaving Tebow to battle for a second QB slot. Tebow is the kind of guy who can rise to the challenge, so letting him learn behind a Hall of Fame QB only creates value for Tebow. Maybe after three seasons, New England can dish off Tebow to make a draft pick out of nothing. Either way you look at Tim Tebow, his value and fit in the New England organization is unquestioned.

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