Bill Belichik – The Hoodie

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  • By Belch

BelchThe “Genius” of Bill Belichik

When it comes to most NFL franchises, most let the player performance speak for the team. However, one franchise stands above the rest in one position. HEAD COACH. As a New England fan, or years, the only choice I’ve ever had was to “trust the genius of the hoodie” or “believe in the evil genius.” Well I’m done buying into the hype. Too much credit is handed to Belichik instead of the players doing the work, and this becomes pretty apparent when we look at his draft strategy. Tom Brady doesn’t get to pick a player. Tedi Bruschi never traded out of the second round. Vince Wilfork doesn’t get to announce HIS final pick of the draft. It’s all on Bill Belichik, and Bill has had some horrible failures.

“The Hoodie” Has A Weakness for Rutgers

This year’s draft made it quite evident that Rutgers is a minor league affiliate for New England. Bill selected not one, not two, but three defensive players from Rutgers. In a draft where every Patriots’ fan knew what the team needed, we continued to take mystery players. Why? Belichik’s son went to Rutgers and Bill has close ties with former Rutgers coach Greg Schiano (cue the LaGarrette Blount trade). Given the list of Rutgers players who have been selected by the Patriots, just one has been a proven starter. Devin McCourty is just one of 9 Rutgers played selected since 2010 to make a pro bowl. But that’s not all, Devin has been the only STARTER selected, and considering he was selected in the first round he had better be. What’s worse, the list of players available were troubling. In this last year’s draft alone we had Keenan Allen in place of Duron Harmon. I’m no expert, but I’m assuming we could have gotten Allen in the draft and Harmon as a rookie free agent signing. I know this is just a short list but in my opinion its way longer than it should be.

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