The Patriots May Have Cheated

  • By BelchBelch

The NFL Draft is over, and as promised, here is the Wells Report. Well kinda. Four months and many promises of justice later, we have a report riddled with words like “probably” and “most likely.”

As a Patriots fan, what were you doing for that amount of time? If you have no definitive answers, then why are you giving us your report? It seems to me that the league was backed into a corner and can’t fight their way out.

It was a mistake when Robert Kraft demanded an apology for the investigation. At the time, it fired up a team that won the Super Bowl, but now it puts the league and the commissioner in an awkward position.

If the league comes out and says that the report doesn’t say anything about the Patriots deflating those footballs, then what they are essentially saying is that Kraft was right, the Patriots were right, and above all else, the league was wrong. Saying they are wrong is like saying that the Patriots can get away with what they want.

This isn’t the kind of image the league can afford.

However, if the league comes out and says that Tom Brady and these two equipment attendants purposely deflated the footballs, then you had better have some proof.

The league is somewhere in between.

They don’t have definitive proof, and they can’t allow the Patriots to be right, so here we are with these “maybe”s and “probably”s.

So what happens now?

The league will go back and forth about this made up consequence, and mull the questions about what they should do now.

I say, without any proof, let nothing happen. We have the shiniest ring, the league doesn’t say a word about how the Patriots were right.

Show me a report that shows some proof and I’ll stop defending my team. Until then, keep your questions to yourself.

3 years ago
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