The problem with the NBA

  • By JNov is an amazing team sport designed around amazing athleticism and skill. This is why it is so baffling that the NBA ignores the inherent greatness of the sport and instead turns basketball into a sport full of divers and prima donna superstars.

Basketball players are some of the strongest, biggest, most coordinated, all around amazing athletes compared to all other sports across the board. However, the NBA’s rules encourage dunking and no defense unnaturally creates superstars. The NBA does this by creating rules that penalize players who take defensive stands or try to disrupt offensive plays. You see an example of this in the charging v. blocking rules. In the NBA, the only way a defensive player can defend someone attacking the net is to somehow manage to plant their feet in a spot in front of the offensive player, before the offensive player gets there and let that offensive player push them off their spot. However, because these are big amazing athletic people, every player in the NBA is capable of easily sidestepping the defensive player and forcing that defensive player to take a blocking foul in attempting to defend the net. This is by far the biggest problem I have with watching any NBA game. Through creating these types of rules, the NBA unnaturally creates superstars who are unstoppable by equally skilled and talented players. Even lesser talented players have the offensive ability to go to the net on almost every single play against more talented defensive players simply because the rules favor superstardom.

The phrase that has becoming commonplace for every NBA game I watch is if the basket does not go in, there must have been a foul somewhere. You do not see this problem in college basketball where players are able to play defensively and offensively.

This leads to my second major frustration with the NBA. Basketball is the only sport where you have a true split on people who prefer watching the professional version versus the college version of the game. For instance, you will find some people who like watching college football more than they like watching the NFL, but the vast majority of people will choose watching the NFL over watching college football. Likewise, those same people will be just as happy watching college football as they are watching the NFL, albeit their preference is the NFL. However, this is not true with the NBA. The NBA somehow manages to encourage some fans to enjoy watching the NBA while encouraging others to enjoy watching college basketball. Those fans that do enjoy watching the NBA almost always seem to hate watching college basketball, and vice versa. So why is there such a split? It is simply the massive split between a team sport in college basketball versus the superstardom that you find in the NBA.

My third point of why there are problems with the NBA, basketball has incredibly strong athletic people who are allowed by the rules of the game to pick other players to create separation. Often a pick in the NBA occurs with the defensive player running at almost full speed and does not see the pick coming. This causes the defensive player to run into the offensive player at full force. That being said, it is rare for that offensive player to be knocked to the ground even with such massive contact being made. However, when a player drives to the net and limited to non-existent contact is made from players lightly bumping each other somehow causes one or both of the players go flying 10 – 20 feet backwards. From an outside perspective, it makes sense why the players would intentionally jump backwards at any physical contact. Simply put, the rules encourage players to attempt to get fouls called on the other team by looking like some massive contact happened in violation of the rules. This is a problem.

To me, basketball is a great sport that has been destroyed by the rules encouraging superstardom, dives, and prima Donnas. While I respect and enjoy basketball and the athleticism required to play basketball, I will never respect the NBA and the superstars that act like children.

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